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10 Dos and Don’ts for Dog Owners

Dog Owner
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Adopting a dog means an addition to your family that will make your heart full and gratified. So, as a responsible parent, you should know how and what are your obligations to keep your tiny companion fit and content.


  • Train your pet on how to be around strangers, sit and how to manage his excitement.
  • Ascertain that your pet participates in physical activities and walks around that will help him keep active and healthy.

Dog Walking with Owner

  • Do take your pet to routinely jabs and check-ups to protect them from unwanted illness.
  • Do provide your pet plenty of water, it will purify his system and keep him away from health concerns.
  • It’s mandatory to have a leash on while taking your dog out, this will save plenty of chaos and provide strangers with a sense of security.

Two Dogs Walking with Owner

  • Do get your dog chewy and squeaky toys to keep him engaged and active while making him chase them.
  • Make sure you have stainless steel or ceramic bowls for their foodstuff instead of plastics.
  • Do make him feel loved and train him to fathom your commands.

Dog Shaking Hand

  • Reward him after he has accomplished a task, this is will shower him with joy and contentment and will make him more agile.
  • Make sure you provide him with a nutritious diet to fit his special needs, according to his structure.


  • Don’t feed them human snacks, that will make them cause weight, Also the chocolates are dangerous for them except for “dog’s chocolate”.
Young couple sitting in front of barbecue, feeding dog.
Image Credit: American Kennel Club
  • Overfeeding your pets is not recommended, it should be according to their body structure and age.
  • Don’t give your pet excessive baths, dry skin is common in animals which will cause itchiness and uneasiness.
  • Don’t forget to wash your pet’s bowls frequently to avoid infection, unsanity can lead to sickness.
  • Don’t offer extra treats, which will hamper their mealtimes and will lead to a deficiency of vital nutrients.
  • Don’t act irresponsible read all the ingredients off of the packet and consult if you find anything dubious.
  • Don’t perish your dog alone in a vehicle, that will make him irritable and he can even start to honk.
  • Don’t forget to always put on identification tags while going out in public, this can prevent the mishap.
  • While going out don’t forget to keep poop bags, which can be required anytime and will save you from foul catastrophe.
  • Don’t let your pet intimidate other pets or livestock let alone leave them on grazed fields or crops.


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