Self-care for Hair: A Complete Guide

Woman with Long Hair
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Cover Image: Averie Woodard via Unsplash

We all have a hardwired desire to have lustrous hair as showcased in exaggerated advertisements but unearthing the regimen can be difficult. But to start with eating fine is pivotal- having proper vitamins, minerals and proteins, healthy on the inside will make your body better on the outside, along with proper routine care and nourishments.

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So let us dig into a proper self-guide for hair.

1. Protection

You must like your hair straight, wavy, curl or a blow dry, excessive heat will jeopardise your hair follicles leading to splits and breakage which will further lead to dryness and hair fall. Try to avoid heat as much as you can or apply a heat protectant spray to protect the strands.

2. Comb Properly

Woman Combing her Hair
Image Credit: Armin Lotfi via Unsplash

Detangling your hair is crucial but with the right brush, instead of synthetic brushes opt for a wide comb or boar bristles that will improve your blood circulation, brushing your hair strengthen the roots and encourages growth.

3. Nourish your Hair

Conditioning your hair is as important as bathing for the body, it assists in detangling and reduction of frizziness.

It adheres to wet hair, covering the strands and replenishing the moisture lost by shampoo.

Never apply the conditioner to the roots, apply it only to the middle and bottom strands to shield them from greasiness.

4. Don’t Wrap a Towel Around Wet Hair

Woman Wrapped her Wet Hair with Towel

Wet hair is fragile, so tying a towel will escalate the hair breakage making it a much bigger problem.

5. Oils

Hair Oil Massage

A righteous oil and massage will help you prevent hair fall and damage, it will aid in nourishing and soothing your hair cuticles, adding shine to it and making it healthier and gorgeous.

6. Apply homemade remedies

Homemade Remedy for Hair
Image Credit: Lora Seis via Unsplash

Instead of always looking for chemical solutions go for homemade remedies that will hale your hair, you can use eggs, curd or rice water to make your hair gleamy and stronger.

7. Shampoo

Navigating the right shampoo for your hair type can be a difficult deal, when you find one, don’t experiment with another.

Also, go for sulphate free and paraben-free shampoos to further promote a healthy scalp.

Also, in urgency, you can opt for dry shampoo to get rid of excess oil and greasiness.

8. Treatments

Go for protein, scalp treatments, spa or masks they will replenish your hair and make them split-ends free and smooth.

9. Serums and spray

Hair Serum
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A fine serum will sit well generating a glossy and glistening appearance. Just like conditioner apply it on mere ends and middle strands. A decent hair spray can address frizzy hair easily.

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