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Top 50 Quotes from the Most Successful People in the World

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I’ve learned almost all I know from celebrities. Here are some of my all-time favorite quotes about success, happiness, inspiration, motivation, and preserving perspective on life’s ups and downs.

        • “‘May the Force be with you is lovely, but it’s irrelevant. What matters is that you become the Force, both for yourself and possibly for others.” – Harrison Ford (Hollywood)
        • “Many people are unable to become wealthy because they are either too indolent or lack the passion or perseverance to achieve their goals. It’s a skill. Piano is a skill that certain people have. Some people are born with the ability to raise a family. Golf is a skill that certain people have. I’m just lucky enough to have a knack for making money.” — US President Donald Trump
          • “Do you want to know the secret to a good marriage?” Follow your wife’s instructions. ‘Yes, sweetheart,’ says the speaker. “And take a deep breath.” – Denzel Washington
          •  “Stop pursuing the money and start chasing your passion,”  – Tony Hsieh, Chinese Entrepreneur
          •  “What got me into the television industry is what keeps me here and makes me happy.” If you keep an optimistic attitude, you may learn something new every day.” – Katie Couric, ABC News
            • “I guess I felt compelled to strive, accomplish, achieve for the first half of my twenties.” This is something that a lot of males do. Now I’m gazing around, wondering, “Where am I running?” – Justin Timberlake (JT)
              •  “You bear responsibility for your job and your decisions.” You don’t want to make Booty Call 7 once you’ve reached a particular level of quality and dedication.”  – Jamie Foxx (actor)
                •  “When I was 15, I dropped out of school to establish a magazine, which became a hit thanks to my refusal to accept no for an answer. When James Baldwin arrived to England, I recall knocking on his door and asking for an interview. Then I called Jean-Paul Sartre’s home and asked if he might help. He might have said no if I had been 30, but I was a 15-year-old with zeal, and he was captivated. Making money was always a byproduct of having a wonderful time and producing something that had never been seen before.” –  Richard Branson

                Richard Branson

              •  “As human beings, our potential and inventiveness are limitless. Being a conformist and buying into conformity is the worst thing you can do. It’s the worst thing that could happen. It’s preferable to be outlandish. It’s preferable to associate with sages, people who are open to new ideas, and even psychotics. You never know where you’ll find our society’s geniuses.” – Deepak Chopra
                •  “The concept is that as you get older, your temperament improves; you learn to deal with people better and become more compassionate and caring. That isn’t always the case. I try to keep things loose, but sometimes the best thing to do is get away and nap.” – Robert Duvall 
                  • “It’s cool to be a nerd,” she says. Smartphones were not invented by jocks, according to popular belief. A gang of short-sleeved, buttoned-down, white-shirted guys and their female counterparts foresaw the digital age by developing the very gear that is now omnipresent.” – J.J. Abrams (J.J. Abrams)
                    •  “If no one is assaulting you, that means you aren’t doing your job properly.” – Sean Hannity (Hannity)
                      •  “Careers come and go in a flash. We’re nothing more than Ozymandias’ temples in the making, no matter how magnificent we think we are.” – William Shatner
                        • “I’m pleased my mother didn’t let me stop taking piano lessons when I was ten.” She was correct when she suggested I wasn’t old or capable of making that decision. I recall being stunned at the time. That my mum said those things to me irritated me. But when I had the opportunity to perform alongside Yo-Yo Ma or, more recently, Aretha Franklin, I said to myself, “I’m so delighted she said what she did.” – Condoleezza Rice, Former US Secretary of State
                          • “What’s the point of doing what I’m doing?” I’m not sure why I’m friends with this individual. Is it possible for me to have the best life possible? Many people consider inquiries to be questions of doubt, but I don’t see it that way. To stay present, I ask questions to make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.” – Joseph Gordon-Levitt
                            • “I’d never considered heaven before. When you’re dead, I believe you’re dead. You simply pray you don’t end up in hell if anything happens after that.” – Helen Thomas, Writer
                              • “The ability to reflect, the ability to know yourself, the ability to halt for a second before reacting impulsively is the key to life.” You will begin the process of transformation if you can fully know yourself.” –  Deepak Chopra
                                • “It’s impossible to achieve sudden success.” With a show like American Idol, I’m concerned about this. It promotes the delusion that there is some sort of magic involved in being ‘discovered.’ That may be how television works, but it isn’t how the rest of the world operates. To get to the top in any field, you need a lot of devotion, focus, drive, talent, and 99 other things that you don’t see on TV. It’s not only about being chosen. Which, by the way, explains why so few of the American Idol winners have gone on to achieve actual success. The majority of them have fizzled out and vanished. “We should be able to deduce anything from that.” – Malcom Gladwell

                                Malcom Gladwell

                                • “Beauty isn’t an accomplishment in and of itself. It’s all in how you use it.” – Padma Lakshmi
                                  • “Customers should be more vocal in their complaints. Food is, as you may be aware, quite costly these days. And these sommeliers arrive with a thousand-page wine list in their hands, which they almost toss in your lap. They’re all businesspeople who understand that buyers are easily scared and will buy something that is costly. Always put them on the spot, in my opinion. ‘You return to me with a $30 or $40 bottle of red wine.’ ‘Return to me with a decision.’ — Ramsay Gordon
                                    • “I was fortunate in that I was able to maintain a youthful appearance, but that was due to my genes.” When others started pointing out my flaws, I was disappointed. You mean this is what it’s going to be about now, I thought? Is it true that I won’t be allowed to be human?” – Robert Redfort
                                      •  “Hey, I don’t know why I bother to get up if I don’t have a job.” I’m ready to go whenever the phone rings. What am I going to do now? I’ve never retired, you see. “I have no idea what that means.” – Morgan Freeman
                                        • “Until the day I die, I want to be a jazz musician.” For myself, my students, and the people who hear me, I want to keep that motion, momentum, and movement going. Sure, there are days when you look around this country and the facts and go, “Oh Lord, this doesn’t seem good.” However, you continue to move forward. “You have to keep going.” – Cornel West, writer
                                          • “I see what a tight ass I was as a younger actor when I look back. Because of my father and the comparisons, I had a very large shadow. That made me feel self-conscious. Now I see that there was no need to be concerned.” – Michael Douglas (actor)
                                            • “Success is nothing more than a war of attrition.” Sure, there’s a certain amount of talent you should have. But if you stick around long enough, something will ultimately happen.” — Dax Shepard
                                              • “Yoga is the most beneficial thing you can do for your sexual life. It helps you stay limber in a variety of ways. It teaches you to respect and appreciate your own and your partner’s bodies. But, more importantly, it keeps your mind fluid, and nothing is more enticing than that.” –  Woody Harrelson
                                              • “A lot of young actors think to themselves, “I have to do this perfectly.” There is a proper method for doing this.” However, there is no such thing as right or wrong. There are only two options: good or evil. And “poor” frequently occurs when you try too hard to accomplish everything correctly. There’s a wide range of things that can stifle your progress. The most important thing for performers – and for everyone, for that matter – is to feel free to create whatever you want and to try anything. To be able to make decisions.” – Robert DeNiro
                                          Robert De Niro, Actor
                                          Image Credit: Wikipedia
                                              • “Ignore the sceptics. The only option is to keep your head down and concentrate on the task at hand.” – Chris Pine (actor)
                                              • “I used to be a loner, even in relationships, but now my family recognises me for who I truly am.” That’s mostly a good thing.” – Tim Allen
                                                • “To tell you the truth, I’ve never considered myself a success.” – Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man)
                                                • “People often ask, ‘What is your favourite role you’ve ever played?’ “The following one.” – Kevin Kline, writer.
                                                •  “I used to berate myself: You’re big, you’re not a good dancer, you’ll never have a lover,” I’d say. That kind of thing no longer bothers me. Every day now feels like a miracle. I’ve also learned that you shouldn’t hide from something terrible or upsetting. Instead, you should make it a part of your life.” –  Valerie Harper
                                                •  “What have I done?” says the narrator. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. So there’s a photo of me on the wall. That photograph will begin to yellow and fade the moment I die, and it will finally vanish. Blowing in the wind and becoming a part of something else’s molecular structure. These things that we call “success” are actually “non-accomplishments.” – William Shatner
                                                • “When my oldest son was at 14, I started talking to him about some of my life’s blunders, just to put a few flaws in that gleaming armour.” – Denzel Washington
                                                  • “Being in the moment” means ignoring the theatrics and hysteria going on around you. “Awareness of the present moment permits solutions to arise.” – Deepak Chopra
                                                    • “It’s critical to put money aside. We’ll need it in the long run, but far too many Americans fail to save and invest. It used to be that people were proud of their middle-class status. You’d have your own church, buy a house, and own a car, among other things. It’s now quite difficult. Except for the one percent, everyone has financial problems.” – Michael Douglas (actor)
                                                    • “On a cosmic level, success eludes me utterly.” I’m wary of things that seem too good to be true. I believe it’s part of my superstition to cause suffering in order to create the sense of benefit. I’m not saying I don’t want to be successful, but I’m not sure how to handle it. It’s an old feeling: “As soon as you get the thing you’ve been working for your whole life, that decent degree of stability, you begin to fight against it, disbelieving it.” – Hugh Laurie
                                                    • “I believe that people don’t always pay enough attention to what they do. I’ve done well, but it’s for one simple reason: I’ve worked my tail off. The most difficult thing a performer can do is make it appear as if everything comes naturally.” Justin Timberlake (JT)
                                                    • “Meditation keeps me sane on a daily basis. I memorise prayers or poetry that express my deepest spiritual goals and read them aloud first thing in the morning, word for word. Julian of Norwich, St. Francis, or the Buddha of Compassion It’s referred to as passage meditation. You internalise beliefs that have been around for a long time.” – Ashley Judd
                                                    • “In our society, motherhood is brushed aside. Women often say, ‘Oh, I’m just a mom.’ ‘Only’ a mother? Please! It’s everything to be a mother. It’s a form of mentorship, motivation, and hope for the future.” – Sally Field
                                                    • “The really wealthy and famous have a much stronger bond with the poor street person than the rest of us.” There’s narcissism, addiction, and even ridiculous clothing. Relationships are frequently undervalued by them.” — Drew Pinsky, M.D.
                                                    • “I enjoy a concept I discovered a few years ago: my happiness develops in direct proportion to my acceptance and in inverse proportion to my expectations. For me, that’s the key. I have all this freedom to do other things if I can accept the fact of ‘This is what I’m confronting — not what I can expect, but what I’m experiencing right now.’ – Michael J. Fox
                                                    • “I’m always on the lookout for topics that challenge me and make me think.” That’s the key to keeping your heart young. The intellect, like the rest of the body, has to be exercised.” – Clint Eastwood
                                                    • “I heard Mother Teresa was asked what was most important in her job. ‘My sisters and I take extremely good care of ourselves so we can cater to the lepers and do anything we need to assist,’ she added instead of saying the Rosary. You can inspire others if you’re strong, or at least not in pain.” – Valerie Harper
                                                    • “We’ve arrived at a period in history when everyone should be concerned about politics.” We have far too much at risk to be apathetic.” – Kevin Costner
                                                    • “I constantly imagine Dad looking at me from the grave and saying, ‘Kyle, you son of a bitch, why don’t you get a real job?’ But then he’d turn to the business side and say, ‘All right, I get it now.'” – Kyle Chandler
                                                    • “Success? I have no idea what the word means. I’m content. But success, in this case, refers to what success means to each individual. Inner tranquilly is success for me. For me, that’s a good day.” – Denzel Washington
                                                    • “I’ve been quite fortunate. I only wanted to pay the rent. Then these figures took off, and Hulk coffee cups, Iron Man lunchboxes, and The Avengers sweatshirts appeared all over the place. Money is nice, but working is what I really enjoy.” – Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man)
                                                    • “If you lose favour, you swiftly fade away from the conversation.” However, it only takes one outstanding project to turn things around. All you need is one hit or one well-executed fantastic concept, and everyone will be talking about you again.” – Chris O’Donnell
                                                    • “Is this my tombstone?” “Geez, he was just here a minute ago,” I think to myself. –  George Carlin (comedian)





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