10 Things to do When You Feel Low

Lonely Woman Feeling Low
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Image Credit: Maria Teneva via Unsplash

Bad days happen to everyone. If you want your day to turn around, you must make a conscious effort to boost your attitude. Even the smallest shift in mentality may drastically alter your outlook. You’ll feel a lot better in the long run. When you’re feeling sad or depressed, it’s tempting to stay in bed and watch Netflix or sleep all day. While it’s good to take time off now and then, it’s equally crucial to your health and well-being to avoid going through periods of unproductive despair.

Because it’s tough to know what to do when you’re down, we’ve compiled a list of ten techniques to lift your spirits and put a smile back on your face.

1. Surround yourself with people

When you’re feeling down or anxious, family and friends might be the finest medication. Make a phone call and contact someone you care about, even if you can’t see them in person. Sometimes all you need is a friend to pay heed and provide with you some encouraging words. Tough days are unavoidable, but having somebody to talk to throughout those may make all the difference in the world and help you turn things around.

2. Do spontaneous outing

When you’re down, you may not feel like doing much, but one of the easiest ways to clear your mind of those annoying negative ideas is to go out and do something completely unexpected. Take a spontaneous road trip to see a buddy you haven’t seen in a long time. Treat yourself to an item of new clothing at your favorite retailer. You may also help society by doing some volunteer work.

3. Do meditation

Meditation focuses on clearing the mind and creating space. It gives you a place to clear your head and gain a new perspective on the issues you’re dealing with. It is not always simple, particularly initially. It can help you become more aware of all of your feelings, including the painful ones. However, it aids in your ability to see and accept them without criticizing yourself or allowing them to drag you down.

Woman Meditating
Image Credit: Le Minh Phuong via Unsplash

4. Indulge in self-care

Anything that is particular to you might be considered self-care. You may take a bath, apply a face mask, self-massage, read a book, or simply follow the regular wash, hair, and moisturize procedure. Self-care implies many things to different people at different times. The important thing here is to do something that refreshes you and makes you feel good about yourself.

5. Listen to music

When you don’t feel like doing anything, music might assist fill the stillness and give you something to ponder about. While listening to your favorite music might relax you (or invigorate you, or thrill you, or anything else, depending on the genre), it may also have some cognitive advantages, such as increased attention and memory. According to certain studies, music may be able to assist alleviate depressive symptoms.

Friends Enjoying Listening to Music Together
Image Credit: Wesley Tingey via Unsplash

6. Read a book

Words have the ability to heal and help you get back on your feet. Reading a book may be a low-key method to feel productive if you feel like you should be doing something or have guilt about “wasting time,” especially if it’s a nonfiction book about a topic you want to learn more about or even an inspirational book. This is fantastic for boosting your motivation to do something more physical.

Woman Reading a Book While Lying on Her Couch
Image Credit: Lenin Estrada via Unsplash

7. Carry out exercise

When your mood is down, the greatest thing you can do is get up and exercise. Exercise will help you focus your attention away from any worry or stress you may be experiencing. Move around to release endorphins and stretch painful muscles. Exercise is good for mental health as well as physical health. Taking 10 minutes out of your day to go for a stroll or do easy yoga will benefit you greatly.

Woman Exercising
Image Credit: Ty Feague via Unsplash

8. Plan your routine

Most of the time, we become melancholy as a result of failing to meet our goals and failing to work as intended. And this occurs because none of us have established any priorities on which to concentrate. We have a lot of things on our plates at the same time, which leads to confusion and anxiety. So, if possible, have your timetable prepared upfront and eliminate any distractions.

9. Reminisce

Try to recall past pleasant and good experiences that make you desire to live again. Return to the events of the past and recall your best achievements. Alternatively, you might relive your childhood memories by looking at old photographs. By doing so, you will be free of your present lows and feel good about what you have accomplished thus far.

10. Write in journal

If you’re depressed and have nothing else to do but ponder and worry about it. Try composing a journal entry. Make it a practise to write down the big events in your life that make you proud, as well as the ones that make you sad. These behaviours will relieve you of unneeded stress. After seeing that you have more positive things in your life than bad ones, you feel better.

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