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10 Motivational Gurus You Should Follow on Social Media and Here’s Why

Wake up, Kick ass. Repeat - Quote
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10 of the best motivational gurus you should follow on social media and here’s why.

1. John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas
Image Credit: Long Shot Leaders Podcast

John Lee Dumas is a self-made entrepreneur who started a podcasting company called Entrepreneur On Fire. Every day, he conducts interviews with business owners to help them achieve success. John’s podcast has been downloaded over 10 million times, and he’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post, CNN Money, and Business Insider. I always turn to John’s show for all my business inspiration.

Follow John Lee Dumas on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,&  youtube

2. Dan Lok

Dan Lok
Image Credit: Entrepreneur

At 30 years old, Dan Lok is one of Singapore’s youngest self-made millionaires. What started as a small social enterprise with one staff member has grown into a multi-million dollar business that employs over 200 people. His motivation? Lok says he wants to be someone who adds value to people’s lives through my business. By sharing his tips and tricks for success, inspiration and motivation are sure to follow.

Follow Dan Lok on instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, facebook & youtube

3. Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols
Image Credit: Motivating the Masses

Lisa Nichols is a great source of motivation for business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone wanting to create positive change in their life. With an influential presence on social media, it’s easy to get wrapped up in her motivational quotes and videos—but don’t stop there. She’s also got several books and online courses available that can help you start your journey towards success. If you need someone to hold you accountable and keep you focused on your goals then Lisa Nichols is definitely worth following. Her inspirational messages will motivate you to succeed every day!

Follow Lisa Nichols on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & youtube

4. Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu
Image Credit: Forbes

In his roles as co-founder of Quest Nutrition, founder of Impact Theory and host of Impact Theory Podcast, Tom Bilyeu’s daily posts is an inspirational source of motivation for people all over. Often calling out other motivational gurus in a humorous way he is one of your go-to guys if you want to be inspired by someone who has been there and done that. Having climbed some incredible peaks in his own career he has the advice to give everyone. His podcast interviews are particularly informative. Listening to him talk with people such as Tim Ferriss, Neil Strauss, Tony Robbins or Rob Bell leaves you inspired knowing how far people can take their ideas when they have put in enough effort

Follow Tom Bilyeu on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube

5. Brendon Burchard

Brandon Burchard
Image Credit: Scott Barry Kaufman

If you’re looking for a motivational guru to follow on social media, Burchard is your guy. But why? For starters, he has more than three million followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Clearly, his words are resonating with people online. In addition to sharing inspirational quotes (of which he often takes a photo of himself doing), Burchard also shares tips for living an inspired life—like exercising first thing in the morning to set yourself up for success throughout your day or taking a night off from work to have an unplugged night. According to Burchard, by unplugging you’ll be forced to spend time with yourself—and might even find your most effective marketing idea yet.

Follow Brendon Burchard on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube

6. James Altucher

James Altucher
Image Credit: Talent Bureau

Not only is James an investor, entrepreneur, and former hedge fund manager, but he’s also a tremendous inspiration. His positive outlook keeps him moving through even his most challenging setbacks. If you follow James Altucher for a bit, it won’t be long before you start to see why he says he considers himself to be the luckiest failure in history. His genuine desire to help people succeed makes him one of my favorite motivational gurus on social media. He regularly offers insightful advice for those who feel stuck in their career or personal life; he even writes an amazing newsletter where readers can have their questions answered by a group of experts! Find James on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Podcasts.

Follow James Altucher on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube

7. Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz
Image Credit: Mike Michalowicz Official Website

Mike Michalowicz is a serial entrepreneur, business author, speaker, investor, CEO coach, and mentor to CEOs. He’s founded five companies that have been acquired or gone public in less than 10 years. The popular business blogger has also helped entrepreneurs in all walks of life start more than 400 companies. His work has appeared in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and BusinessWeek. Michalowicz is also known for his motivational insights on LinkedIn (where he has more than 600,000 followers) as well as on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Follow  Mike Michalowicz on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube

8. Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder
Image Credit: Salesflare Blog

Laura Roeder learned how to build web pages while still in junior high school. She graduated from college at the age of 20 and resigned from her first job at the age of 22 to establish her own business. Laura has always been able to move quickly, but her recent feat takes it to a whole new level.

Follow Laura Roeder on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

9. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn
Image Credit: Forbes

By now you’ve probably heard of Pat Flynn, he’s pretty popular. Well, I consider him a motivational guru and that’s why I think you should follow him on social media. He offers plenty of daily motivation to get us up and work hard at doing what we love! Plus his posts are often funny or insightful! As if that wasn’t enough, if you join his email list, he will send you one of his books for free! If that doesn’t work as motivation then I don’t know what will… Following your passion is something we all want to do but it can be really hard when things don’t work out like we want them to.

Follow Pat Flynn on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube

10. Neil Patel

Neil Patel
Image Credit: Neil Patel Official Website

With 10 million page views each month, Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout is arguably one of today’s biggest and most successful blogs. His personal account has attracted more than 850k followers in just 2 years. Patel is a huge believer in authenticity. In his own words: … it’s important to be authentic, true to yourself, and what you want out of life… you want to feel good about who you are, not just for yourself but for others around you as well. He also knows how important it is to focus on positive motivation.

Follow Neil Patel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube


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