15 awesome kids room decorating ideas

Kids Bedroom
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What is it that kids want in their room? They want the room to look cool, they want the room to be spacious, and they want it to be colorful. You can put the creative part of your mind to work if you wish to style your kids’ room. To achieve it, you need to keep certain things in mind, they are, inspiring ideas, judicious editing, and a good idea of your kids’ taste.

To help you in this project, in this article, I have collated a list of some awesome ideas for decorating kids’ rooms.

1. Style by Passion:

Kids Bedroom

Kids are driven by their passion. They need a place to explore their passion freely and enjoy it. You can avail them of that space in their room. You can decorate the room as per their passion. If it is a movie they are passionate about, you can arrange the room with a display of cool objects from the movie. If it is a sport/activity they love, you can have the put up relevant posters or articles for it.

2. Add space for favorite hobby:

Climbing Wall Kids Bedroom
Image Courtesy: Decoist

Young age is a time when kids indulge in a certain hobby very enthusiastically. They will find their room much cooler if they have a space to carry out their hobby. You can use your creative juices to make the hobby space aesthetically appealing. Their hobbies could include rock climbing, crafting, etc.

3. Display toy collection:

Toys are very important to kids. Even when they grow old and outgrow them, they sometimes form an emotional connection to them. To honor the toys’ importance in your kids’ lives, you can showcase them on a display stand in a tidy and fashionable manner. It is wise to keep them out of the reach of the kids so that they don’t mess up the display and can only access them with your help.

4. Mix colors:

Colorful Kids Bedroom
Image Courtesy: Donpedrobrooklyn

To make your kids’ room colorful, the easiest way is to paint them in bold and lively colors. don’t be afraid to use a various mix of colors. You can have different walls colored differently with designs on them. You can also play with various quirky wallpapers to give the room a dramatic effect. This gives a cheerful atmosphere to kids who find colors very exciting.

5. Add patterns:

Patterns immediately give a jolly spirit to the room. In a kids’ room, you can liberally use patterns. You can go for a light tone with hue colors or go bold with flashy colors. Add some quirky patterned wallpapers on the wall, trendy patterned sheets on the bed, and put up a bold patchwork wall hanging. These will ensure excitement in the child’s room giving it a beautiful color and fancy patterned outlook.

6. Gallery wall:

To give an aesthetically pleasing look to the kids’ room, one of the ways is to dedicate one of the walls of the room as a gallery space. You can hang pictures of kids as they are growing up. You can also put up family pictures taken on special occasions or even randomly. These photos capture your family’s beautiful memories. Not only they will liven up the room, but you’ll also feel nostalgic about it when your kids grow up.

7. Artistic wall:

Wall Art Kids Bedroom
Image Courtesy: Room to Grow

In the early stages of childhood, only the kids’ brains get molded into creativity. To facilitate the free flow of creativity among your kids, you can add a board on a whole wall of the room and keep colorful markers handy. This will ensure that the kids have fun with art and colors and you can showcase the talents of kids as well. Not only will this give a cheerful vibe, but also lift children’s spirits.

8. Quirky beds:

Kids Bed
Image Courtesy: Country Living

Quirky beds are very trendy nowadays for kids. They come in many shapes and sizes. It could be as simple as a circle or oval-shaped, or as complex as the shape of a batmobile. The most popular one is the one shaped like a car. Such quirky beds build up imagination within a child’s mind and give these imaginations wings to fly high. This could be the highlight of the very fancy room.

9. Handy storage:

It is no surprise that a kid’s room can get very messy. You need ample space to store their many things, be it clothes, shoes, toys, or stationaries. One of the ways to have a handy storage place that would be aesthetically pleasing as well as to install a wall-mounted organizer. They have plenty of storage space to keep your kids’ things as well as organize them in a way that is easy on the eyes.

10. Work in bunk beds:

Kids find bunk very cool. They provide an endless spectrum of creativity. You can add a curtain to it, make it a make-believe fort, add slides along with stairs, and more things to have fun with. They don’t only stand out in the room, but they also give a lively feel to the room. Kids will find it very entertaining as well.

11. Space for natural light:

To give your kids’ room natural light, keep the space open and allow natural sunlight to enter the room. Not only the sunlight is good for a child’s health, but also you can work with some creativity with colors and patterns which will pop out with the natural yellow sun rays. It will give a cheerful feel to the room.

12. Bedside fun:

Basket Ball in Kids Bedroom

Adding certain bedside fun in the kids’ room could be a way to make the room much more appealing to the kids as well as give it a lively look. You can mount a basketball hoop or a dartboard to one of the walls. This would give kids a place to have fun as well as give the room an exuberant feel altogether. You can put up certain vintage games as well to make it look rustic.

13. Growth chart:

Every parent maintains a growth chart for their children. It has a nostalgic feeling attached to it. You can enhance this experience with a creative twist. Rather than having a traditional growth chart where you mark the height on a particular wall of the room, you can buy a premade fancy plastic chart which you can put up on a wall, mark the heights with glitters, and even have a handprint of the child on the border using water-based paint.

14. Creativity corner:

Creative Corner in Kids Bedroom
Image Courtesy: The Imagination Tree

Children at a young stage are very excited about arts and crafts. To give them an opportunity to explore their imagination, you can assign one corner of the room dedicated to such things. Add a table and desk set, keep the drawers full of charts and colors, and have the craft supplies at hand. This table can also be used as a homework table for the kids. Let the table be as colorful and as childlike as possible so that kids are attracted to it.

15. Add dresser:

Kids Bedroom Drawer
Image Courtesy: Kids Furniture Warehouse

The kids’ rooms get very messy and disorganized with their stuff lying around everywhere. To have a solution to this problem, you can add a dresser to the room which will give plenty of space to keep their things as well teach kids to be organized. You can also put up bins to stuff their toys in. To give an additional lovely look to the room, you can decorate the top of the dresser with flower vases or picture frames.

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