15 Eco-friendly Home Décor Ideas

Home Decor
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In this fast pace of everchanging trends, new technologies, global warming and deteriorated environment. Integrate with sustainable ideas, our environment needs a break too from nuisance. So, let’s try and be there for it this time.

Here are eco-friendly ideas to sparkle your interior with an abundance of greens, sustainable materials and DIY’s to make it more lively and vigorous.

  1. Indoor planters

Indoor Plants

Enliven your home with indoor lush greens, a calm and delightful way to bring your lifeless rooms to life. They’ll filter the air, add freshness and give you breezy vibes which will make you feel more at home. Plants will make you feel beautiful and at solace. To embellish your space put air-purifying plants like palms, peace lilies and others.

  1. Non-toxic candles
Non-toxic Candles
Image Credit: Organic Authority

Who doesn’t admire the aroma of candles, which makes your home scent-imental?

Mostly, candles contain hazardous metals such as lead in their wicks, burning them will jeopardise the air.

Go for paraffin-free and vegan candles, this will pungent your home with incense.

  1. Brace local sustainable business

Purchase handcrafts, sustainable crafts, be it jute bags, rugs, organic pottery, bamboo furniture etc. This will help to thrive small businesses as well as give your home a rustic and vintage touch with such eco-friendly and aesthetic décor.

  1. Sustainable lights
Sustainable Lights
Image Credit: Wood Shells

The show-stealer is always the lighting of your home, which makes everything more appealing, go LED bulbs, task lighting, dimmer lamps and recyclables. For exquisite grandeur, solar bamboo string lights and ceiling pendants are popular and will help reduce electricity expenditure and are nature-friendly.

  1. Terracotta flooring
Terracotta Flooring
Image Credit: Decoist

A long-lasting and sustainable alternative, made of clay and natural elements. You can use them in all types of rooms except for the bathroom as they are permeable. The flooring keeps the space cool and is rather inviting.

  1. Eco paints
Eco Paints
Image Credit: The Spruce

Avoid traditional paints with

(VOCs) volatile organic compounds, toxic compounds which jeopardise the air.

Look for eco paints with plant ingredients such as lemon peels and beeswax, which will make your room pigmented, appealing and flawless with zero negative impact and are cost-effective.

  1. Just jute it
Jute Decor
Image Credit: Decor Champ

A resilient, adaptable and extremely sustainable fibre, a versatile fibre which can be utilised to furnish your sofa, rugs, ropes and upholstery. Giving a boho touch, you can contrast it to make an appealing appearance.

  1. Evergreen over trendy

The evolving trends will make you ponder your choices and will be the major factor contributing to waste, instead invest in an evergreen interior, a beneficial approach to adorn your home. Just a simple start with baby steps it will turn out amazing.

  1. Concrete floors
Concrete Flooring
Image Credit: Real Homes

An ideal environment-friendly material interior material made of cement and water, they are recyclable, easy to maintain and helps in cutting electricity bill. They can last longer if treated with care.

  1. Vegan soaps
Vegan Soaps
Image Credit: The Vegan Indians

Add sulphate and paraben-free vegan products, a sustainable way of living. To enhance your physical and emotional being and surroundings. A healthy and organic way of life.

  1. Reinvent your furniture

Unfurl your creative side and bring it to action, repurpose your existing furniture and transform it into brand new, re-paint or grease it and get it back to its shape, it may be time-consuming but way therapeutic and sustainable.

  1. Purchase second-hand furniture

A sustainable lookout is to buy second-hand furniture and add a gist of vintage to your décor. A cost-effective and straightforward approach to aid the surroundings.

  1. DIY décor
DIY Home Decor
Image Credit: Photo Jaanic

Elevate your space, with simple yet chic DIY decors. Add DIY vases, dream catchers, jute baskets, hammocks, tiny planters and illuminating lights. A well-lit area exudes a sense of optimism and newness. This will get you a very striking appearance.

  1. Bam-boo it
Bamboo Products
Image Credit: Grove

Want a country look? You can just add bamboo dividers to your balcony’s entrance. A minimalistic and sustainable solution with elegant lighting to enhance its glow. Or just bamboo products in your day-to-day living.

  1. Industrial design
Industrial Design
Image Credit: Decoist

An innovative method to include environment-friendly design, go for minimum furnishing, reclaimed timber to give a striking edge. It significantly uses recycled material making it sustainable. You can blend it with a wooden sofa or chair and dream catchers.






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