10 Must-Have Tools for Home Maintenance

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Cover Image: Dan Cristian Paduret

No one can escape the routinely turbulences happening around the home, so the least we can do is to be prepared with some of the essential tools to repair and address the concerns orderly. Be it nailing the wall or leakage concerns, these tools will brace you up for all of it.

  1. Hammer
Photo Credit: iMatt Smart from Unsplash

A utilitarian, best demolition hammer, a must-have for masonry drills, nail pulling, carpentry, upholstering etc. Choose a hammer that is easy to hold and has a comfortable grip. A durable tool and can make the arduous work done without bending or breaking.

  1. Measuring Tape
Measuring Tape
Photo Credit: Brett Jordan

A handy pocket-size and virtually unbreakable measuring tape are advantageous to reform a room or while getting new equipment, this will help you make sure to get the accurate size and will save your time.

  1. Cordless Drilling machine
Cordless Drilling Machine
Photo Credit: Manik Roy

A wireless electric power drill is highly versatile and used for a range of jobs. Its compact size is profitable for drills and screw jobs easily without having to do much. Suit yourself with good quality bits this will ease your troubles.

  1. Multi-bit Screwdriver
Man with Screw Driver
Photo Credit: Amin Hasani

The driver allows you to alter the size or shape of the bit, be it flat heads or Phillips head sizes allowing them to drive different types Keep the extra bits in the handle.

  1. Wrenches
Photo Credit: Eric Wendt

A couple of different-sized wrenches. You’ll frequently use them to put together interior and furniture, they work with hex nuts and bolts and are quite useful for home maintenance.

  1. Nails and Screws
Nails and Screws
Photo Credit: Chris Yates

A decent supply of nails and screws is much needed for basic domestic activities, for framing walls or securing plywood. Getting a set will solve your troubles.

  1. Plier
Photo Credit: Jeshoots

This will aid all the intense wire, cable cuttings, gripping pipe or rod and can pull or bend the metal too. Pliers are essential for every toolbox. Using an appropriate plier for operation will increase safety and efficiency.

  1. Utility Knife
Utility Knife
Photo Credit: New York Times

A much stronger and adaptable version of the stationary cutter, you can extend or retract the blade this will help you cut the massive cartons, packed stuff, and ropes and scrape the glue away.

  1. Wire Cutter
Wire Cutter
Photo Credit: New York Times

Aka diagonal pliers, a necessary tool for craft and electrical repair operations. Get a padded grip cutter this will help you cut aluminium, brass, and copper wires with minimal damage.

  1. Step ladder
Step Ladder
Photo Credit: Jilbert Ebrahimi

A stable and sturdy option to fix your bulbs or even clean your fans, this will keep you balanced while working.


 Wear Work Gloves

Work Gloves
Photo Credit: Eskay Lim

During home renovations, splinters and sharp edges are something you can escape by being cautious, so work gloves are an absolute aid to protect your hands and will provide a decent grip to hold screws.

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