20 Quick Tips on House Maintenance

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De-clutter, unclog and tidy your homes easily. Commence your day by tucking the bedsheet this will make you feel contented and somehow help you to encourage in tidying up.

So, cram these tips and maintain your house indubitably.

1. Inspect Chimneys

The chimney helps remove harmful gases and filters the air in our homes, chimney needs to be examined and cleaned annually.

2. Clean your coffee machine

Coffee Machine

Satiate the reservoir halfway with vinegar and halfway with water to dissolve scaled minerals, let the matter sit for around 30 minutes and then afterwards rinse it with unsullied water.

3. Renew your shoes

Aid your white sneaker and make them shine by simply cleaning them with soap and water and scrubbing them leniently and turning your shoes brand-new.

4. Vacuum away the filth

Get rid of dust and dirt stuck in your sofas, cabinets and rugs, cars and very beneficial equipment to grime away and make home brisk and new.

5. Unclog the shower holes

Washroom Shower

Infuse white vinegar and water and pour it into a plastic bag, to submerge the holes, attach a bag around with a twisted knot and let it soak up for 60 minutes before removing and wiping them away.

6. Clean the greasy spills instantly

Don’t get slouchy and clean the spills immediately to avoid stains as well as being easier to spot immediately and can be handled quickly.

7. De-fuzz your hair rollers

Keep the germs at bay, clean the hairbrushes once a month with a meld of shampoo and hand wash and wash it under running warm water to get your bristles as new as ever.

8. Brush up the unreachable places

Don’t get worked up when you trace unreachable corners where your hands can’t reach, go for an old toothbrush to clean all the mire and gunk easily.

9. Avoid cloudy mirrors

A Woman is Cleaning the Mirror
Image Credit: istockphoto.com

In today’s mirror-selfie world, who doesn’t want spotless mirrors. Here’s an easy way out, just meld vinegar and water solution and spray it on stains and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth.

10. Trim outgrown trees

Trim the unwanted branches that are too near the electricity wires or just wavering in front of your house this can jeopardise the property so trim them annually to protect them from potential hazards.

 11. Keep a fire-extinguisher in handy

Keep a note to inspect the fire extinguisher annually, a very essential piece of equipment just in case of an emergency to protect from damage.

12. Banish away dishwasher’s dirt

Get rid of dirt and stinky odour from the dishwasher. Fill one cup of baking soda and let it settle overnight and then run the course with vinegar. Don’t forget to filter it regularly.

13. Ameliorate the refrigerator coils

Coils behind the refrigerator get clogged with dirt, gunk and cobwebs, preventing them from releasing heat which leads to slow working of your refrigerator and wastage of energy, clean your coils with a coil cleaning brush and save your pocket.

14. Clean the faucet drains

Unclog the drains with baking soda and vinegar, let it sit for 5 minutes and then cascade it with warm water.

15. Don’t toss away clothes

Cloth Hangers

Rehang the re-wearable clothes instead of scattering them around, keep a corner for goods that need to be dry cleaned in your closet to keep your room tidy.

16. Have a specific spot for everything

A tip that will save plenty of your time, place everything at the desired spot be it keys, scrap, or bags making your morning hustle free.

17. Clean the dryer vents

Clogged vents can cause fire and can put you and your house in jeopardy, this will help your dryer run more efficiently.

18. Check the HVAC filter

Keep in check the HVAC filters and change it when in need, this will help your system to keep at pace with maximum efficiency.

19. Extricate knotted pendants

Knotted Pendant
Image Credit: Today Show

Loosen the knot easily without wasting much of your time untangling the jewellery, just pour some baby powder over it and then pull it using a safety pin.

20. Protect your shoes from foul smell

Want your shoes to not-to-stink, sprinkle baking soda inside your shoes and let it sit and tug them out before wearing.

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