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15 Hobbies that May Help you Make Extra Money

Photography - Man in the Woods Showing His Camera
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Cover Photo: Reinhart Julian

Every morning, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you have to ask yourself, what have I done for myself lately? We’re not talking about chores; we’re talking about making yourself better – literally adding value to your life so that when the time comes to decide what to do with your riches, you might want to share them with others – or leave them behind in your estate. Here are 15 hobbies that may make you rich or at least help you earn decent extra income.

1. Playing an instrument

Man Playing Guitar
Photo Credit: Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

Investing in a musical instrument is more than just a fun weekend activity—it can also translate into big bucks. You have ample opportunities to make money such as joining a band, conducing music classes, creating a YouTube channel and more.

2. Blogging

Though it’s difficult to turn a profit, many people have earned a living—and found enough free time to travel and retire early—by starting their own blogs. According to one recent survey, 77% of bloggers say they earn income from their work-at-home efforts. If you can develop good content and convince readers to visit your site regularly, there are plenty of options for monetizing your site. However, many new bloggers complain about low income or finding advertisers who will pay consistently. If you want help maximizing your blogging earnings (or would rather want someone else handle all that pesky ad sales stuff), look into hiring a professional blogger or partner with a publishing company like AdSense in order to take on some of those financial responsibilities.

3. Programming

When it comes to making money, it’s not just about your day job. Many entrepreneurs have made six- and seven-figure salaries by doing what they love: programming. Whether you work on websites, apps, or other tech projects, there are plenty of opportunities to work independently in a highly lucrative field. And when starting out, it’s easy to get paid while you learn. Sites like CodeAcademy teach programming languages such as JavaScript without requiring any upfront payment—even if your end goal is building an app and selling it for big bucks down the road.

4. Writing books

Writing on a Table - Laptop and Tablet and Coffee on the Table
Photo Credit: Thought Catalog

Did you know that famous novelists, John Grisham and Stephen King for example, are also sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars? It’s true. They’re good at what they do and in general, earn more than your average writer. However, it doesn’t mean they were born with those skills – they learned how to write books over time.

5. Selling on eBay or Amazon

There’s a reason these sites are so popular, and it has nothing to do with money. Many of us have picked up interest during our childhood, whether it was collecting sports cards or action figures. If your hobby is unique or interesting enough to other people, consider selling some of your belongings on eBay and Amazon to see how much they’re worth. You never know what might be worth your time until you try.

6. Take Online Surveys

No, online surveys won’t earn you a hefty income. But if you have some free time, why not use it to take surveys? These are generally short, so it shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to complete one. And if you have an hour or two each day for these sorts of things, online surveys can be a decent way to add extra money to your wallet. Be careful about giving out too much personal information and remember that it might be considered research by certain companies (if they contact you directly), which means they might attempt to do a background check on you before paying you! So, try using your primary email address and keeping it simple when using any secondary ones.

7. Photography

Photography - Man Clicking a Photo
Photo Credit: Sébastien Bourguet

It’s no secret that people will pay for quality photography. If you’re an aspiring artist or want to build a portfolio of your work, it might be worth investing in a camera. Pick up some photography gigs on Elance, Fiverr, or at your local coffee shop to earn extra cash as well as experience in professional photoshoots and editing. Just keep in mind that most photography gigs on these sites are typically related to social media marketing and other things like putting together promotional materials rather than traditional photography projects.

8. Graphic Design 

If you have a knack for design, graphic design can be a great way to get into professional designing. If you’re good at creating logos, posters, or even ad banners, sites like 99Designs or CrowdSpring allow designers to bid on freelance jobs. But don’t expect quick success—build your portfolio with free sites first and then use these platforms to attract real clients.

9. Freelance Writing

If you have a flair for writing, becoming a content writer or copywriter is next best step which will help funding you while you are on your way to become a great writer or author. Even if you don’t have big ambitions to make it big in the world of writing, freelance writing can help you to earn decent extra income.

10. Video Editing

Video Editing
Photo Credit: Sanjeev Nagaraj

Video editing is a growing field, with specialized software and skills required to be successful. If you love going behind the scenes to create or manipulate videos, use your passion to help people create great videos. With simple how-to videos or short documentaries of an artist at work, your skills can be put to work in an entrepreneurial fashion through platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia.

11. Carpentry

It’s no coincidence that so many millionaires have their hands in real estate; some of them start off with carpentry work. If you’re handy with a saw and can nail together a barn, cabin, or even just a simple bookshelf, it could be time to build your business (and your bank account). You could start out building small additions to existing properties in need of improvement; before long, you could open up your own shop.

12. Refereeing

Taking on a referee’s job is a great way to bring in cash if you’re already into soccer or football. And it’s more than just officiating at games: if you’ve got a good understanding of sports and some free time, consider working as an arbitrator for sports leagues and their players. There are countless arbitration firms looking for part-time help in exchange for experience in handling high-profile cases.

13. Driving

Car Interior - Car Driving
Photo Credit: Samuele Errico Piccarini

If you have some spare time and live in a large city, you might be able to help others by driving them around. Working with Uber or Lyft is an option.

You might also think about doing meal deliveries. It’s simple, and if you enjoy driving, you can rapidly make some money.

14. Model making

The average amount spent on model making by adults in Great Britain is £120. People who spend more than £500 on models are most likely to be high earners and lead a more affluent lifestyle, including higher spending on luxury goods, holidays, and entertainment. Purchasing a 3D printer can allow you to print your own plastic models rather than purchase them outright. At just a few dollars per kilogram of filament, printing items at home is significantly cheaper than purchasing models pre-printed or through modeling kits. And if you already have your eye on an expensive model vehicle but are not sure where to start with 3D printing, why not try doing it yourself?

15. Translation

If you are fluent in two or three languages, there lies an opportunity to become a translator. Translators earn good money and it’s not hard to find opportunities these days with a lot of freelancing platforms and job portals.

If none of these is your hobby, no worries! If you have any skill or any hobby/activity that you are good at, passionate about or like doing – with the immense opportunities the internet provides, monetizing it is not hard – just think and work in that direction!

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