Top 10 restaurants in Budapest

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Fasten your belts or just lose it a little more as here come the breadwinner restaurants with diverse cuisines and a ravishing ambience that will make your mouth water, stomach flutter and will gravitate your soul. Budapest is well known for its traditional Hungarian meals.

  1. Costes Restaurant
Fish dish at Costes Restaurant
Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Costes restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2010, making it the first Hungarian restaurant. It even now continues to win prizes internationally. An absolutely graceful and sophisticated restaurant to suffice your cravings.

Miguel Rocha Vieira, a Portuguese chef serves an amalgamation of Hungarian meals with Portuguese gist. The restaurant offers vegetarian, vegan as well as gluten-free options. It remains open from Wednesday to Sunday.

  1. The New York café

The New York Cafe

A café built with such intricate details which will make you stare at it long enough than you realise. Built-in Italian Renaissances style. It dates back 125 years ago, which makes it one of the oldest cafes in Budapest.

An extravagant place, with tasteful food, frescoed ceilings, gilded balustrades, beautiful glass chandeliers giving it a touch of gothic architecture.

It offers European, Eastern European, Central European and Hungarian cuisines. The prices are massive, but if you visit Budapest, give it a try you’ll love it here.

  1. Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov Restaurant

Mazel Tov, a Jewish phase meaning- congratulations. A highly elegant ruin bar-cum-restaurant with a glass rooftop, if you adore open spaces and lush greenery this is the dining space for you.

Mazel Tov melds Israeli and Mediterranean dishes with fancy cocktails in a soothing environment. The interior is inspired by the Middle East. Mazel Tov remains open on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

  1. Rosenstein

Rosenstein restaurant

A cosy restaurant with a hybrid Jewish and Hungarian menu. Highlight of this restaurant is its mention on critics list. You’ll get plenty of healthy food options. A family-oriented restaurant with amazing gelato, crepes and fruitcake. It remains closed on Sunday.

  1. Spinoza
Spinoza restaurant
Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor

A very aesthetic, looking like telephonic booth café from outside, Spinoza is a famous place to dine in. Melodious concerts take place every evening at 7 pm which makes the vibe whole more vibrant. The venue has a theatre as well as an art gallery with major events taking place from September to May.

  1. Parisi

The restaurant is inclusive of vibrant open space as well as a cosy interior on the inside. You’ll receive young crowd here. Parisi is a cosy restaurant with authentic and comfort food. The outsides are lush, with yellow rectangular tables and colourful table cloths making it more attractive. It operates on Monday and Friday to Sunday.

  1. Onyx
Onyx Restaurant
Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor

The only two Michelin star restaurant in downtown Budapest and is considered one of the finest restaurants. You’ll be forced to gaze at the fancy chandeliers. It is prominent for its wine selection and fresh domicile ingredients.  An exquisite restaurant where you get to choose from two menus and get tasteful wines.

  1. Café Kor
Cafe Kor, Budapest
Image Courtesy: Offbeat Budapest

A perfect location just around the corner of St Stephen’s Basilica to dine. A place with warm tones, typical Hungarian dishes and wines with outdoor seating. Family and LGBTQ+ friendly café with vegetarian, vegan as well as gluten-free options.  The cuisines served are European, Eastern European, Central European and Hungarian.

  1. Bobo
Bobo Restaurant
Image Courtesy: Offbeat Budapest

A delightful restaurant in Rozsadomb. Bobo a term for civilians who are bourgeois and bohemian both. A restaurant to attract Budapest’s bobo. The trailblazing menu offered dishes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which were once very well-liked. A chic dining area with mesmerising wall art all around and botany on the outside makes it a wholesome to have a relaxed dig in. It is more of a solace place with steep prices compared to the rushed bistros.

  1. Dobrumba

Dobruma Restaurant, Budapest

A Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant in the seventh district with a chic interior and a well-curated drinking menu. Dobrumba is a very trendy restaurant with Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Lebanese and many more flavours. It has a decorative menu and fulfilling feasts. Try the eateries and you’ll admire the place wholeheartedly.

Lastly, here’s a cute little Gelartorosa shop to make your feast more impeccable, ending it with beautiful rose-shaped ice creams with seasonal flavours to make your day.

Roses, Hungary
Image Courtesy: Daily News Hungary

















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