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Top 10 Gym Do’s and Don’ts

Gym - Man and Woman Working Out
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Train in the most effective and goal-oriented way. Try and interact with people don’t shy away when you are new to the gym. Here are some tips if you are new or just keen to keep the workout efficacious.


  • Stack dumbbells after using them to prevent injury while exercising.
  • Do hydrate yourself, and have adequate water while working out, it is required for optimal physiological function.
Woman is Having Water in Gym
Image Credit: Standford Health
  • Always commence with a warm-up before working out, to avoid injury and gain momentum.
  • Ask for help instead of feeling worked up with large people, do ask if are unsure of any exercise. Better to ask than do it incorrectly.
  • Have reverence, give space to people- try your best in high traffic areas of the gym, stay to yourself, and keep others comfortable around you.
  • Do have enough food, even if you want to lose weight don’t get all hungry you can decrease your calorie intake but skipping meals will do no good.
  • Do weight training, cardio is essential but if you don’t do weight training you are missing out, this will help you tone and strengthen your muscles, weights utilise more fat for energy and you’ll burn your calories much more quickly.
  • Do maintain hygiene- a very basic yet crucial point, the pleasant odour will help you work out and people around you, keep your hygiene in check for the sake of others.
  • You must bring your towel to wipe your sweat, in hot weather.
Man Sitting in Gym with Towel
Image Credit: Robe Mart
  • Plan your workouts, knowing beforehand will save your time and you’ll be done much more swiftly.


  • Don’t lift heavy weights all by yourself, have an exercise buddy, this will help you keep motivated as well as assist when needed.
Woman Lifting Weight
Image Credit: Experience Life
  • Don’t drop dumbbells be cautious, it’s unsafe and could cause serious injury.
  • Don’t limit yourself to cardio only, that won’t take you anywhere fast. Use weights, women believe it will make them look large which is not the case and will help you tone muscles.
  • Don’t just hog the mirror for your snaps, don’t obsess and hover over the mirror as your photography studio, you can document your achievements but do not typically block the mirror.
  • Don’t be the person who grunts and yells and disturbs the whole gym with bizarre noises, it’s interfering, just lower your weight if you feel that makes you grunt.
  • Don’t let social media deceive you with perfect bodies and an easy weight reduction challenge in 10 days, keep having constant training and be patient with an outcome
  • Don’t overdo by giving unsolicited advice regularly, it’s interfering and annoying, assist not intervene.
    Workouts should never be rushed. Repeat your sets and ensure productive training, keep in check that your muscles are effectual.
  • Don’t restrain, refuel yourself. Eat plenty of good carbs and protein after a workout. A genuine meal is the most successful way to recharge your body after vigorous workout sessions.
  • Don’t let people take up your valuable time and vice versa, don’t talk too much this will intrude and waste your as well others’ precious time.
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