10 Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

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Losing belly fat isn’t easy – in fact, it can be downright frustrating if you go about it in the wrong way. Many people try to lose weight around their midsection by doing countless crunches and planks, but this isn’t going to give you the results you want! With that said, don’t get discouraged if you’re having trouble finding an effective belly fat workout routine. By choosing one of these 10 best workouts to lose belly fat, you’ll be well on your way to seeing your dream six-pack.

1) Abdominal Exercises 


Abdominal Excercise

  • There are a variety of ways to lose belly fat, but exercises that focus on your abs are one of the best ways.
  •  Exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, and planks burn calories and tone up these muscles, creating strong abdominal muscles. 
  • Two examples include ab wheel rollouts and Russian twists with weights. There are a variety of Workout routines to lose belly fat. 
  • Including these workouts into your workout routine 3-4 times per week can help burn extra calories without overexerting yourself in other workouts or physical activities.

2) Do Cardio



  • Exercise is a great way to burn calories and lose weight, but cardio isn’t necessarily your best bet when it comes to losing belly fat. That’s because running, biking, swimming, and other aerobic exercises aren’t very effective at targeting and burning visceral fat—the kind that gathers around your organs and settles on your waistline. 
  • Instead, try strength training. In one study researchers found that a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training can burn more than twice as much belly fat as aerobic exercise alone (and zero-impact activity like walking). 
  • To use it effectively in your workout routine, stick with full-body exercises like squats, lunges, and pushups instead of focusing on one part of the body.

3) Do Abs with Weights


Kettlebell Excercise
Image Courtesy: Pop Sugar
  • In a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse study, researchers found that men who did abdominal crunches for two minutes, three times a week lost more belly fat than those who did traditional exercises. 
  • While neither exercise is a replacement for diet and exercise, adding weights will make you lose belly fat faster than crunches alone. 
  • Weights also increase your metabolism, which will help you burn more calories throughout your day. 
  • Your body doesn’t need carbohydrates or fats in order to work efficiently—it just needs you! Abs are made in the kitchen, not on any old piece of equipment.

4) Yoga


Girl doing Yoga

  • Yoga is one of those workouts that has long been considered a weight-loss tool, and there are many reasons why it’s effective. 
  • First, since yoga focuses on balance and posture rather than extreme strength training or cardio, you don’t need tons of energy to work through a session. 
  • Second, because each pose involves every muscle in your body (yes, even your glutes!), you can burn quite a few calories without having to go for an all-out run.

5) Boxing



  • Boxing is a great way to lose belly fat because it’s high-intensity and helps you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. 
  • Be sure that you’re wearing proper headgear and gloves as well as athletic support for your wrists.

6) Kickboxing


Woman Practicing Kick Boxing
Image Courtesy: Times of India
  • If you’re looking for a quick and fun way to get in shape, try kickboxing. 
  • This high-intensity activity is great if you’re always on the go because it takes very little time. 
  • Just remember not to overdo it; start with 2 or 3 sessions per week and gradually build up your endurance as you get more comfortable with kicking and punching.

7) Running Intervals


Interval Running
Image Courtesy: Healthline
  • Studies have shown that adding running intervals (30 seconds at your target pace, followed by 60 seconds of jogging or walking) significantly improves belly fat loss. 
  • If you’re trying to lose weight and reduce belly fat, consider incorporating sprints into your workout routine. 
  • A study conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found that dieters who performed sprint workouts lost more belly fat than those who performed moderate or slow cardio. 
  • Other good options include riding a bike or climbing stairs—both of which use similar muscle groups as running and have been shown to burn abdominal fat.

8) Bodyweight Workout Routine for Lower Abs


Lower Bodyweight Workout
Image Courtesy: Healthista
  • If you want a simple, effective workout for six-pack abs and a flat belly, try adding three sets of 20 bodyweight squats, performed twice a week. 
  • Bodyweight exercises like squats and sit-ups are more challenging than crunches or other cardio exercises because they engage multiple muscle groups at once.
  • So while you’re doing these moves to work your core muscles, you’re also engaging your back muscles, legs, and butt. 
  • This forces your body to burn fat throughout your entire lower body—including around your abs—making it easier for you to get that six-pack look. 
  • Best of all? These exercises can be done anywhere with no equipment—like at home during commercial breaks on TV!

9) High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


HIIT Workout
Image Courtesy: Times of India
  • This type of exercise is a very efficient and effective way to lose belly fat. HIIT involves intervals of high-intensity work, followed by periods of rest or low-intensity work. 
  • An example of HIIT would be sprinting for one minute at full speed, then walking or jogging slowly for three minutes. 
  • This can be repeated 8-12 times depending on your level of fitness and ability.

10) Stretching


Image Courtesy: Mens Health
      • Stretching is a great way to combat post-workout soreness, or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). 
      • DOMS is caused by tiny tears in your muscles from high-intensity training and can last up to a week after your workout. 
      • Stretching helps maintain range of motion and flexibility, which will help you power through future workouts without getting so sore.


    Bonus Tips


      • It may sound simple, but there are a few things you should do and don’ts when it comes to belly fat. 
      • If you want to lose belly fat, make sure that you’re cutting back on sugar and eating more lean proteins. 
      • Don’t skip meals, as your body will start storing up all of your fat. And make sure that you’re not exercising too much—three times a week is optimal! Finally, drink lots of water throughout the day because drinking water increases metabolism while reducing appetite at meals and snacks. 
      • Plus, many foods are made with a higher water content than in previous years—which means they’ll get flushed right through your system if you don’t hydrate regularly!
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