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10 Best Countries for International Studies

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  • The USA

The Statue of Liberty

The biggest names that you may have heard from Harvard to Stanford university lie here, home to Ivy Leagues. They have over 5500 institutions and a vast expanse, where you’ll be able to discover a subject that meets your interests and hobbies. It links up diverse cultures, faiths and races and welcomes them onto its shores.

  • Canada

Canadian Flag

A hub for education, quality life and its surreal beauty. Canada is the world’s most educated country.

It is a popular destination for students overseas, as it offers inexpensive tuition and good quality teaching along with captivating mountains and beaches to explore.

It has exceptional health care, employment, and safety statistics, which tempts students worldwide.

It has less expense than other countries like UK, Australia and USA and has some of the top universities like the University of Toronto and McGill.

  • Australia

Sydney Opera House, New South Whales, Australia

A country greeting you with a lot more than just kangaroo. Australia is a multi-cultured country established on values of variety and inclusion, it offers high-quality education along with 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites and turquoise beaches. Also, you will be greeted by Australia’s city life in Melbourne and Brisbane which furnishes you with a plethora of adventures.

  • The UK

The Big Ben UK

UK has got to offers the most renowned and elite university, the University of Oxford, along with that UCL, the University of Cambridge and many more culturally rich and prestigious institutions. Beyond academics, it offers, that you would never run out of places to visit. It is quite expensive but it does provide financial aid and will help you unleash plenty of experiences.

  • Germany

German Flag

One of the most appealing countries to study overseas due to its education quality and eliminated tuition costs at public universities.

It has got some of the oldest, most well-known and award-winning universities, 46 German institutions were featured in the QS world rankings 2021. It is home to charming castles, black forest and the canals of Hamburg, which sounds like a paragon in the middle of Europe.

  • New Zealand

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

All eight universities in New Zealand are among the top 500 universities.

You must’ve heard of the University of Auckland or Otago. A very harmonious and diverse population with a booming economy, impeccable education, charismatic vineyards, treks and absolute adventure awaits in this multicultural country.

  • France

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

You must’ve seen Emily in Paris which would’ve lured you to visit Paris, along with its surreal beauty and fancy fashion, voila.  France offers top-notch education, it has some very historic academic achievements and gave rise to very prominent alumni in the world.

  • The Netherlands


Studying in the Netherlands will be a great choice if you most likely prefer business, management or tech. If you are a nature and history enthusiast this is the place, to bicycle, visit canals, airy cafes and a bunch of museums.

  • Spain


Spain is home to outstanding, universities at a fair cost. It offers interesting history, delectable cuisines, multifaceted culture and the most which will keep you spell-bounded is its markets and museums in Madrid, an absolute delight for football lovers.

  • Japan

Japan - Japanese Flag

The most high-tech country with world-class educational standards, complemented with affordable tuition and access to brilliant scholarship programmes to aid international students. Get to some of the most famous universities like Tohuku and The University of Tokyo and explore shrines, spectacular blues and captivating infrastructure.


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