10 Crafts You can Create and Sell to Make Money

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Every personalised present invokes sentiment and makes you feel extra special. Crafts that are intimate and fancy at the same time. So here are quick and cool crafts to earn money out of something you love and make someone’s day. So, let’s straight away dive into crafts that you can sell and earn money out of it.

  1. Acrylic Music Plaques
Acrylic Music Plaques
Image Credit: Brand: Giftplease on Amazon

A very sentimental and personalised creation, a scannable bar code of your favourite songs along with your customised picture attached on a transparent stand with acrylics.

A very thoughtful way to acquire money.

  1. Personalised Canvas
Personalized Canvas
Image Credit: Canvas Foundry

Looking for something heart-touching, here’s a recourse, paint a customised canvas, if you wish you can further tag along with some quotes or glass frames to compel its beauty. An artistic way to be creative and gladly earn out of it.

  1. Tote bags

Tote Bag

An essential and adorable idea, to create vibrant bags, a thrifty and innovatory way to gain money, save the environment from plastics and relish your art.

  1. Mason Jar Candles

Mason Jar Candles

An aroma which will make your presence felt to whoever you gift it, or buy it for your savour. A jar, full of affection and incense. A fun adolescent easy craft to make and one of the major selling crafts with strong demand.

  1. Scrunchies and stuff


Every other girl loves scrunchies and tic-tacs, an easy DIY craft to pour out your creativity and make vibrant headbands, earrings and pendants an affordable process and you can even sell it as a wholesome platter.

  1. Resin Art
Resin Art Flowers
Image Credit: Creative Endeavours

Preserve your favourite flowers and petals forever in the form of a souvenir, wall hanging or a frame or make inexpensive jewellery out of it, a pure sentimental present and an absolutely soothing craft.

  1. Stroke some stationary
Stationery Crafts
Image Credit: 5-minute Crafts Play

From sticky notes to journals, artistic planners to pens, highlighters and designer tapes, pastels and sketchy are a requirement for all and an absolute aesthetic present to sell and make money.

  1. Home-made soaps

Hand Made Soaps

Organic products are hyping up nowadays, so create handmade products, with little initial cost and begin the distinctive goods to sell.

With diverse colours, very alluring and full of aroma and can be sold as souvenirs

  1. Crispy cards
Greeting Card Craft
Image Credit: Split Coast Stampers

A retro way to express your love and gratitude, everyone loves vintage, such a personal present, a no biggie yet touchy. Elegant yet cool in making. A deary and charming way to connect with little to no initial costs.

  1. Magnets
Crafts Magnets
Image Credit: Finding Zest

Quite easy to produce yet a cheery gift. You can personalise it with names or photographs and can sell it easily.


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