How to Make Grilled Pizza?

Grilled Pizza
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Cover Image: Jeremiah O. Rhodes, Nashville Tennessean via The Southern Kitchen

On hot summery days, grilled pizza is an absolute delight without having to use massive oven heat. It elevates the day and turns it into an occasion.


Grilled Pizza Ingredients

  • 1 batch of commercial or home-made pizza dough
  • 2 cups -Pizza sauce
  • 1 packet-Mozzarella or goat cheese
  • Your favourite toppings
  • Seasoning


  • You can’t grill for long so having light toppings is recommended or they’ll remain uncooked.
  • Better go for toppings like- jalapenos, olives, roasted bell peppers or tomatoes and soft cheese.
Grilled Pizza Making
Image Credit: USA Today
  • Unlike the baked pizza, it is grilled twice, firstly we softly firm the dough by grilling which requires merely a few minutes and then next, grilling the pizza along with the toppings.
  • If you want a more nutritious pizza make the wheat dough and make a homemade pizza sauce instead of preservative ones.
Adding Sauce to Grilled Pizza
Image Credit: Ambitious Kitchen


  • Create or buy ready-made pizza dough and side by side gather all the required toppings to go on pizza, whatever you feel is viable.
  • Preheat the grill at around 400-500 F, after that grease the grill grates with oil and brush the pizza with it.
Grilled Pizza Brushing
Image Credit: The Country Cook
  • Flip the dough onto the prepared grill, so the oiled side is facing the grate, heat it for 3 minutes until it is cooked through gently.
  • After the lightly cooked dough, place it on a plain surface and cover it with toppings- spreading pizza sauce, pouring cheese and all the veggies of your choice.
  • Now flip the pizza back to grill, cover and cook it for 3-4 minutes for the cheese to melt, after it’s done place it on the levelled surface for cutting.
  • Sprinkle the seasonings and basil leaves and your pizza is ready to go. Bon Appetit! 
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