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10 Cheapest places to visit in Europe

Budapest, Hungary
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In this chaotic life, we all deserve an escape to feel alive. Travelling rejuvenates our soul and provides a plethora of fresh experiences. So here are our picks of feasible places to explore in Europe.

1. Budapest, Hungary



Budapest is the capital and the most dynamic city of Hungary and yet is feasible. It is called the “Paris of East” and is central to UNESCO world heritage sites like Buda Castle and Castle hills. The oldest door market is a terrific spot for snacks and souvenirs.

Budapest has fascinating gothic architecture. Be it the Hungarian parliament building and crowns jewels- the third largest parliament or Margaret-island, The city is an amalgamation of museums, rivers (Danube) churches and hills.

An individual can go for independent sightseeing, use big bus hop-on hop tours to travel locally, take serene walks with pedestrians and explore localities and will eventually fall for its dainty ambience. Cappadocia, Turkey

2. Cappadocia, Turkey



One of our picks is Cappadocia, filled with heavenly gorgeous landscapes and offbeat places to explore. Enrich your travel experience with the mesmerising Turkish culture.

Cappadocia is an affordable place to see the wholesome surreal view of the sky full of air balloons, walk sunsets, have a ski tour, visit the salt -lake and get a good look at Turkish Sufism.

The best weather to visit is September to October with moderate temperature and affordable prices.

3. Bulgaria



A cost-efficient country with dazzling beaches, inexpensive food and plenty of spots. It has a picturesque landscape, along with the black sea, Ski Bansko, stone forests and museums.

Historical enthusiasts can visit Plovdiv to get insights into Bulgarian history. The cheapest month to fly is march.

4. Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw, Poland

Poland has beautiful architecture, castles and palaces. You can even walk down the streets of Krakowskie Przedmiesie, to get a good look at Warsaw’s best architecture. Also, you can pay a visit to the Royal Castle for no fee on Wednesday.

The most feasible month to visit is in July. For long-distance travel go by bus which is cheap yet comforting.

5. Montenegro



Montenegro is an incredible lesser-known, travel-friendly place to explore southern Europe. It offers places like Lake Skadar, hiking in the Zabljak mountains, UNESCO wall towns, mesmerising beaches, Bobotov Kuk, and Dormitor national park.

It is affordable and to limit the expense you can even book an Airbnb, it is a peaceful place to relax your mind. Local foodstuff is quite cheap to maintain your budget.

6. Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal

Capital of Portugal straddled with the sea, it is a vibrant destination. The city is renowned for its pleasing museums, historic monuments and charming parks.

You’ll love Lisbon’s friendly attitude and bewitching charm if you travel the way locals do, leisurely and with solace. The best cost-efficient time to travel is in January.

7. Sicily, Italy


Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a beautiful island imbibed with temples, historical sites, cities like Nato- a bliss for art
and culture fanatics, and baroque architecture.

If you stick to local transport, it will save you a lot of money. Arriving in Italy in the summer costs way more, so better travel in winter.

But you cannot forget the tempting Italian cuisine. The most affordable month is to travel in March.

8. Slovakia



Slovakia is the undercover, off-the-beat place, which isn’t hyped up like other destinations. Slovakia unlike other European countries is cheap except Brits. It offers copious places like High Tatras mountain, over seven thousand unique caves, national parks and around 220 ravishing castles.

Budget-friendly flights are available in the month of January.

9. Porto, Portugal


Porto, Portugal

It is one of the cheapest cities to visit in western Europe with alluring places like Cais da Riberia, Douro-river, and Palacio da Bolsa.

A paradise for budget travellers, food is less expensive than elsewhere in Europe

You can even purchase Andane tickets for trains, buses and the metro. The best time for an affordable flight is in January.

10. Ostrava, Czech Republic


Ostrava, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an affordable destination except for Prague, the prices rose in the last few years.

An ideal place for parties, festivities, music, clubs and pubs. If you love the nightlife, this is the escape for you. Along with that, it has museums, a zoo and a bolt tower.

You should visit in the month of march for a budget-friendly trip.

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