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The Ultimate First Time Cat Owner’s Guide

Gray Cat
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Cover Image: Narodnabiblioteka

1. Allot a personal space

This might seem human, but a cat while entering will take time to adjust to the new environment, so make a comfortable bed and make her feel acquainted and secure.

2. Procure some scratchers

​Scratching is a cat’s birthright to express their joy or stress. So, scratchers are essential to protect your furnishing from your catty’s scratchy claws, make her aware of that instead of getting your interior spoiled.

3. Grooming

Take the cat to grooming centers once in a while. Keep in the handy slicker and molting brush to groom anytime.

Combing a Cat - Grooming
Photo Credit: Catster

4. Vaccination and check-ups

Timely checkups, visiting vet, plenty of jabs and immunization need to be taken care of within the first year, along with the routine checkups.

5. Nutritious food

A rich diet needs to be followed with high proteins, fats and fewer carbs. Consult the veterinarian for recommendations. You can go for dry, canned or semi-moist food according to your cat’s requirement. Also, go for stainless steel or ceramic bowls rather than plastic dishes.

6. Engage with your pet

Make her feel at home, play and spend time with her, don’t let her procrastinate for too long and have her chase after toys keeping her fit and happy.

7. Bathe and Trim Thy Cat

Try and keep proper hygiene, bathe thy cat but not too often, use benign shampoo and afterwards use a dry towel and then comb your furball. Trim her sharp claws before it hurts her or you.

8. Familiarise her with other pets

Eventually, introduce her to existing pets, make them both feel equally important and feed them on opposite sides, gradually they’ll become fond of each other.

Dog and Cat
Photo Credit: Louis Philippe Poitras

9. Litter box

You can experiment with litter boxes but not too much and then settle for which your cat feels comfortable with, you can begin with the basic clay litter. Also, do clean your cat’s litter properly at least once a week and instant clean daily.

10. Treat her with treats

Reward her with treats for every little chase or triumph, which comes in plenty of flavours, this will keep her entertained and pleased.

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