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20 Simple self-care tips that will make you feel good & confident

Mind, Body and Soul
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The world we live in and the life we have is chaotic, our mind prancing and body racing making us obnoxious and anxious.

Perhaps the one who can make you feel better about yourself is “you”. So let us go through some self-care tips which can abet you with a better self.

1. Nada to comparisons, you are you

You are Amazing

Never compare yourself with other people, everyone has their positives and negatives, we all are different individuals and tend to excel in different fields which is what makes us human. So, stop comparing and start building yourself.

2. Do a good deed

Man Giving a Hand to Lift Another Man
Image Courtesy: Good Things Guy

You do good, you feel good. Be it anything either feeding a stray animal or making a stranger smile. It will
make you more ecstatic and will accord you constructive energy.

3. Smile often

President Obama

Even when you feel, you have a lot on the table still smile ,it lifts a burden off your chest, making you feel the beautiful breeze of life and improving your mood.

4. Engage in “me time”

Bathing in Bath Tub

Give yourself a pep talk, make yourself the top-notch priority, go for a walk, lift your head high, light your scented candle, have a bubble bath, bake a cake, introspect yourself and love yourself a little more every day.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

Image Courtesy: Life Hack

Spend time with people who motivate you, love you, make you happy and feel confident about yourself. Have positive energies around you, unplug from social media and spend time with people who matter.

6. Exercise


Go to a gym, do yoga or even meditate – whatever makes you have solace, give at least 30 minutes to your body to detox and feel fresh again.

7. Maintain a gratitude journal

Gratitude Journal
Image Courtesy: Life Hack

Jot down things that make you feel better about yourself and express gratitude, even a gist will suffice. Write a letter about all the good things that make you smile.

8. Focus on health

Green Veggies

Eat wholesome greens, imbibe detox water, take vitamins we all know healthy minds reside in a healthy body. Have a junk once in a while as you do get one life and at the end of the day stay true to yourself.

9. Just relax

Friends Tv Show

Just relax on your bed, switch on AC (if it’s not winter) and listen to your favourite music, turn on a Friends episode that makes your stomach hurt from laughing, read good books and cherish all the good moments

10. Generosity is pivotal

It's Cool to be Kind

Being benign to your own self as well as the people around you will help you find your peace and make you feel a lot about yourself and also will make people stick around you.

11. Dress the way you feel extravagant

Woman on Couch

If you feel low, dress highly it will definitely make you feel better – dress the way you want, feel free to try new things, wear pyjamas if you feel comfortable, do whatever makes you feel assertive.

12. Depart for vacation


Explore new destinations, rejuvenate, meet new people, communicate, learn about new cultures & commodities. It will help you grow, adapt and gain new experiences.

13. Save yourself a dance

Dancing with Friends
Image Courtesy: The Guardian

Dance at every opportunity you get; it will not only help you burn some good calories but also makes you relish the moment. It relieves stress and even improves heart and lung condition

14. Declutter

Declutter Your Desk

Clean and declutter the junk space, tuck your bedsheet, make your bed, set new arrangements, get new plants. This will help you soothe your mind and will give a kick start for the rest of the day

15. Voice your opinions


Never shy away from keeping your opinion on the table, face your fears, speak for yourself, learn to communicate and it will make all your job uncomplicated.

16. No to pessimistic approach

Being Optimistic
Image Courtesy: We are Teachers

Never criticise yourself or overthink, it will merely make you feel low on your knees, try to have a positive approach towards each step in your life.

17. Improve sleep pattern

Woman is Sleeping

A night of good sleep helps you relax, relieves stress, makes you less grumpy, burns calories and ameliorate smood and even helps you get along with people

18. Stay open

Being Open-minded
Image Courtesy: Nutcache

Stay open to new ideas, approaches, expand your expertise, learn new skills and explore different outlooks.

19. Take beauty care.


Put a face mask on, exfoliate your skin, moisturise, experiment new look, spray a delicious scent. Take care of your body, it will take care of you.

20. Go all out

Woman Shopping
Image Courtesy: Indian Retailer

Go for shopping, spa, expand your circle, meet new people, don’t live a mundane life, try new cuisines. Savour every bit

Self Care Tag


Accept yourself, be more responsible for the actions you take, sometimes go out of your comfort zone, introspect yourself, apologise if you are wrong. Aren’t we all flawed? So just look beyond and be a better version of yourself.

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