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10 tips to stay motivated and chase your big goals in life

Dream Big
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A goal properly set is halfway reached. – Napoleon Hill

Motivation can be one of the hardest aspects of achieving your goals, especially when you’re just starting out and still adjusting to how different things are in the real world from school or college. Here are 10 tips that will help you stay motivated as you chase your big goals in life.

1) Write down your goal

In order to be able to focus on your goal, you need to have a specific goal. Make sure you write down what it is that you want, how long do you want it and when do you want it. Write it down, share it with people who can hold you accountable, and believe! This will help keep you focused as well as make sure that your vision is clear.

When chasing a big goal, sometimes we get caught up in obstacles and minor setbacks that set us back. Keep going at all costs! You will get there if not today then tomorrow or next week. Just make sure it gets done because nothing worth having comes easy! If there are certain ways to achieve our goals quickly then we need to implement them into our daily routine ASAP!

2) Visualize Success

When you take a moment each day to envision yourself achieving a goal, it can help you actually follow through. Write down a mental picture of what you want, when you’ll have it, how it will make you feel, and exactly how achieving that goal will affect those around you. Visualizing your success is an important part of staying motivated; with determination on both fronts, there’s no stopping what you can accomplish.

Look at different scenarios in your head. What would keep him from reaching his goal? What are some possibilities if he doesn’t reach his goal? The main thing is don’t expect things just to happen; write down what needs to be done so that they do happen! Now go out there, break some limits and achieve that dream!

3) Learn from Failures

People Fail Forward to Success

Did you fail? Chances are you did; it’s a sign of moving forward. In fact, learning from failures is key to staying motivated. If there’s one thing, we can all do, it’s learning from our mistakes. Having a support network that keeps you honest about what worked for them or failed for them will help immensely when it comes to evaluating how things are going with respect to meeting your goal.

Without proper accountability, motivation won’t last very long either, which is why we must surround ourselves with people who will make us keep up with our big goals. Staying optimistic by sharing how far you’ve come along with others who have similar interests will help keep our motivation levels high when things start getting tough – because they certainly will get tough!

4) Get rid of distractions

If you’re trying to focus on a project, it can be easy for distractions (social media, news websites, apps) to creep into your workflow. This is especially true if you have access to them all day long. If possible, set aside time where you can disconnect from these distractions so that you can more easily stay focused on what matters.

To make sure that distraction-free time still feels productive, set a timer for how long you’ll be focusing and try some of these ways to boost productivity while working uninterrupted. Once you’ve hit that time limit or are done with your work, allow yourself a few minutes of relaxation before getting back into other projects.

5) Set up Accountability

To be successful, you must be accountable to someone. If you need motivation, set up an accountability partner. Have a weekly meeting where you each share what you’ve accomplished for that week. You can also hold each other accountable by sending daily check-in text messages or emails.

Accountability partners are great motivators because they help keeping you focused on your big goals. And research shows that people who have an accountability partner succeed twice as often as those who don’t! An accountability partner can be anyone—your mom, dad, boss, spouse, sibling, or best friend. Ideally, it will be someone you love and trust and with whom you can have a constructive conversation when there’s something on which you disagree.

6) Exercise


Exercise does a lot more than just burning calories—it releases endorphins, which are hormones that help you feel happier. It also helps you sleep better and lose weight, both of which are important for staying motivated. For example, working out before bed can help you fall asleep faster. Many people use exercise as a way to distract themselves from being stuck on a problem they’re trying to solve.

7) Remove negative people from your life

If your relationship is causing you mental suffering, no matter who it is, the greatest move you can make is to end it. Toxic people can make you feel obsessed with a bad self-image or distance you from others who are actually beneficial to your health.

8) Practice Self-Love Daily

The first step to being successful at anything is loving yourself. It’s kind of a no-brainer, but why do so many people find it so hard? If you don’t take care of yourself, you will never have what it takes to take care of others or tackle any serious endeavor. Focus on your physical health by making sure you’re eating well and getting plenty of exercises (it doesn’t have to be that much, but consistency is key). Remember, looking good isn’t just about how we feel physically—it also creates confidence that spills over into other areas of our lives.

9) Celebrate Small Victories with Rewards


When you achieve a goal, it’s natural to want to move on as quickly as possible. But don’t move on just yet—you may be too close to see what you’ve really accomplished. Instead, stop for a moment and celebrate. Reward yourself with something that will sustain your motivation while also encouraging further progress.

For example, if you just finished a marathon, you can reward yourself with a new pair of running shoes or by planning an upcoming vacation where you can run alongside breathtaking mountain trails. The key is not to neglect your achievements when they occur so that they have an even greater impact than normal.

10) Never, ever give up!

One of my biggest mistakes was thinking that I had given up. In reality, I only gave up trying. Some people give up and then go back again after a few days or weeks, but it’s all part of chasing your dreams. And if you find yourself asking how can I keep going?

Following these tips will surely help you move in that direction!

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