Best lighting ideas for home interior

Living Room
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Want your home to look extravagant with only little to do, reinvent your lighting. It will make your interior splendour.

Play with neutrals


Exterior Seating Area Balcony
Image Courtesy: Mydomaine

If you have a wide balcony to sit in solace, play with neutrals and add string light on the roof to make it aesthetic and lighten your mood, give it a touch with small magnificent plants and add a woven hammock to make it boho yet chic.

Deck up your desk


Table Lamp
Image Courtesy: Ubuy Co

Want to make your study room illuminating yet not too harsh, place a spot of lightning to read, write and for work purposes and make your room low-lit yet graceful.

 Centre for chandelier


Chandelier in the Living Room

Make your living room bling with a gorgeous droplet chandelier with clear marble in the central part channelling glam to your living room.

Neon signs


Neon Signs

A very trendy way to makeover your home interior is to add a soothing neon sign or neon-lit mirror in your room for a dazzling atmosphere and to uplift your mood.

Neon Light

One hell of a keeper kitchen


Image Courtesy: Design Cafe

A well-lit elegant kitchen is, of course, something which would make you savour cooking more than ever and make you stand out in front of your guests, such opulence demands stunning lighting so opt for pendant ones, dangling down through the ceiling and focusing on the countertop.

Edison’s bulb


Edison's Bulbs
Image Courtesy: Jack Stonehouse

Go with the trend, use these LED bulbs around the mirror to have amazing lighting in your faucet. Or go for a sensor motion mirror along with a pendant chandelier in your washroom it will light it up.

Throw light on the living room


Living Room Lighting

Elucidate your wall with well-lit wall décor or use noble LED strips to give it a dim yet classy vibe. So, you can have lovely feasts and enjoy a movie night.

Illuminated Map on the Wall

Image Courtesy: Wall Mantra

Bedroom bliss


Bed Room

Add ambient lighting to make your colourful room moody and even create beautiful shadows. Along with that, you can go with lamps for task lighting. Go for coloured walls to make them vibrant and cool.

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