20 Easy Home Decor Ideas for Living Room

Living Room
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Are you bored of your current living room décor? Are you looking to get your living room a new look? Then you have come to the right place.

We understand that the idea of changing the living room décor could have been triggered by anything. For example, you are in a different stage of your life and want to have the look of the living room depicting the same, it could also be that your old furniture has gone bad and you want to change the look of the space around the new furniture, or it could be simply that you are bored of the style and want to change it per the current trends.

In this article, we have compiled 20 easy home décor ideas for the living room that you would really appreciate.

1. Spruce up the entrance:

Living Room
Image Courtesy: People

The entryway to your home is the first thing anyone who enters the house sees. Styling up the entrance could be the first thing you would like to change about your living room. It doesn’t have to be grand, but a small fancy console table could do the job. You could have fresh flowers on the table, and you could also hang a contemporary painting above it.

2. Change your throw pillows:

Sofa, Throw Pillows, Living Room
Image Courtesy: The Spruce

Throw pillows add color to the room and instantly freshen it up. You can shop for trendy throw pillows with newer patterns, softer fabric, and if you wish, quirky shapes too. The whole place will feel fresh and different with the addition of such pillows on your couch or chairs.

3. Focus on walls:

Wall Papers in Living Room
Image Courtesy: UWalls

You can put wallpapers on the walls, not necessarily on the whole room. You can pick one side of the room and accentuate it with a bright wallpaper or something with bolder prints. You can also color-block the walls with alternatives of darker and lighter shades of neutral tones. You can also think of a black-grey combination. It makes a unique statement.

4. Statement wall:

Statement Wall
Image Courtesy: Atom Interiors

You can dedicate one wall of the room only to put up quirky artwork or old-fashioned wall hanging. You can also add paintings or any kind of designs on this wall that would pop up colors. Make this wall a very different color shade than the rest of the room. This was this wall became the highlight of the living room.   

 5. Use trendy patterned rugs:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Living Room Rugs
Image Courtesy: The Spruce

You can make your living room stand out by adding colors to it in the form of rugs. They are available in different colors and patterns. Choose the ones that go with your furniture. You can even layer the rugs to give them a homey feel. A layer of rugs on the couch with various textures, colors, and prints would definitely uplift the living room style.

6. Invest in new lights:

Living Room Lighting
Image Courtesy: Forbes

Nowadays, you can find very stylish modern lamps and light hangings as part of a home décor accessory. They come in various materials and designs. There are also modern sconces that can be used to decorate the wall corners. You can put up a tall, sleek lamp in one corner beside a lounger, and it would increase the aesthetic scale pretty high.

7. Showcase your collectibles:

Living Room Collectibles
Image Courtesy: Look Box Living

If you are a collector of something, you can invest in a stylish floating shelf to be put at one end of the room. You can line up your collectibles and flaunt them to your guests. It could be a great conversation piece next time you have people over at your place.

8. Fancy floor seating:

Floor Seating
Image Courtesy: Foter

Having a couch in the living is very common and kind of necessary too. In addition to it, you can plan for some extra sitting place around the coffee table. There are the comfiest pillows on the market that can be placed around the coffee table in a fashionable manner. You can also get an ottoman to get a classy look.

9. Floating furniture:

Floating Furniture

The trend nowadays is floating furniture. This means keeping the furniture away from the walls and sort of at the center of the living room. This creates an intimate seating area. You can add some small intricate furnishings to the wall to get a sleek view of the room. With such minor changes, the vibe of the room becomes more pleasant.

10. Invest in furniture:

Living Room Furniture

The most prominent pieces in your living rooms are the furniture. You should upgrade them with time. If you can afford it, invest in designer furniture that accentuates the better parts of your room. Also, make sure that the furniture is set symmetrically. This makes the set an ideal conversation spot.

11. Room divider:

Living Room Divider
Image Courtesy: Livspace

Another interesting piece of advice would be to select furniture and other decoration items which separates the room into two and kind of gives a big room vibe. You can work with the extra space made by adding other trinkets of design items. This will make the place look prettier, especially if you have an open-plan living room.

12. Colorful curtains:

Living Room Curtains
Image Courtesy: Bhg

If you are still hanging your old curtains with old-fashioned fabric, then it is high time to go curtain shopping. Get bright colors with intricate designs and trinkets hanging at the edges. It gives a fancy look to your windows. You can also choose to use such fancy curtains instead of doors to non-private rooms. They are easy to handle and give a fresh and open look to the room.

13. Embrace greenery:

Green Living Room
Image Courtesy: Bhg

You can add greenery to your interior designs of the living room. Not only does it add color to the room, but it also gives a natural shade all the way. You can get those stylish pots to plant your saplings. You can also find pretty potholders that you can hang in a corner with your plants in them.

14. Add mirrors:

Mirrors on Walls
Image Courtesy: Decoholic

Adding a mirror just enhances the class of the room. You can have one long full-sized mirror installed at the entrance. You can also get stylish mirrors to put at strategic places in the room, preferably the area whose color you want to pop up. You can also invest in antique mirrors with classics designs and mirror holders so that anyone who sees it gets mesmerized.

15. Incorporate a classic piece:

Living Room Artwork, Painting

If you have an eye for artwork, you can invest in a fancy painting or beautiful sculpture. You can decorate your room keeping in mind that this fantastic artwork is the highlight of the room, so everything should be centered around it. Keep its color, placement, and size in your mind while redecorating the whole room according to it.

16. Have one statement piece:

Living Room Center Piece

One chandelier, one furniture, or one accessory; it could be anything that could be used as a statement piece. It should stand out from the whole room’s decoration. Its color should pop out, and it should be the first thing anyone notices when they enter the room. It could be anything in your living room, but it should be quirky enough to be a statement piece.

17. Flower vase hanger:

Vase Hanger with Plants

You can find many flower vase hangers which are affordable, pretty, and stable enough to be used at home. They come in various materials, and you can choose the ones best for you. You can put up colorful flowers in these vases, be it fresh ones or artificial ones. They definitely give a natural look to the room and add color to it.

18. Floor painting:

Floor Painting
Image Courtesy: This Old House

Nowadays, you can also get your floor colored without having to remove the tiles. You can change the color of the living room in contrast with the furniture color scheme. This makes the room look cozier and sets an intimate atmosphere. Not to say, this will also add color to the room, and you’ll get a cheery vibe in it.

19. Coffee table display:

Living Room with Coffee Table

You can change the look of the coffee table without changing the table itself. You can put up a mini flowerbed on top of it. Another option is to put some kind of rug appropriate for the coffee table. You can arrange lifestyle magazines in a systematic manner to be kept on the coffee table. You can also find sleek vases made explicitly for such tables.

20. Maintain a color scheme:

Living Room Color Scheme

Last but not least, it is crucial to maintain the overall color scheme of the room. Keeping in mind the stand-out pieces, one still should take care of the fact that all colors in the room blend in well. There shouldn’t be any blotchy spaces. Otherwise, you can invest as much time and money into such decorations, but that is not going to do you any good.


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