10 Budget-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

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Cover Image: Elle Decor

Who doesn’t like a beautiful home? It is always pleasing to decorate your home and make it cozy. A house decorated to your liking tends to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable in it. That being said, it is not very easy to decide how to decorate your home. There are many options and varieties to choose from. You need to decide from this bunch based on your style, feasibility, and budget.

Here, in this article, we have collated some of the budget-friendly home décor ideas that you can implement.

1. Decorate walls:

Wall Decor
Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest

One of the easiest ways to make your home beautiful is to focus on the walls. You can repaint it to a trendier color, or the color which goes with your furniture color scheme. You can make corridor walls into kind of gallery walls where you can put up family pictures, decorative paintings, or any quirky décor item. You can also go with a removable wallpaper with stylish patterns for your house wall.

2. Go green:

Green Living Room
Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest

One of the great ways to make your place aesthetically pleasing is to add more greens; potted plants, hanging vases, plant frames, etc. Not only do they add color to the room, but also give it a natural look. You can get creative by getting plants with different shapes and colors as well. There are many plants available for purchase that are cheap and don’t require much maintenance.

3. DIY lightings:

DIY Lighting
Image Courtesy: Den Garden

You can DIY various items into fancy lights and display them on the cabinets or tables. You can paint glass bottles or glass tumblers, decorate them using glitter or beads, and put lights on them to make them appealing. You can also DIY candles of various shapes, sizes, and aromas and display them near windows. In addition to these, you can also go with fairy lights. These ideas give a romantic and cozy atmosphere around the house.

4. Rearrange furniture:

Furniture in Living Room
Image Courtesy: The Spruce

You can refresh the look of your house by simply rearranging the furniture. You can take ideas from lifestyle magazines and make efficient use of the space you have with a proper furniture setting. You can try a layout that will make your house look bigger and stylish at the same time. If it fits your budget, you can also think of repainting your old wooden furniture giving them a fresh look.

5. Customize coffee table:

Customized Coffee Table
Image Courtesy: RK Royale Design

The coffee table in the living room is mostly the center of the room. To get it the attention it deserves, you can work on making the table more attractive. You can repaint the table with new colors if you wish. You can put up a nice sheet with trendy print, put up a vase with flowers in them, and keep the latest lifestyle magazines on the table. You can also just put any decorative piece on the table to hold attention. These ideas are all pocket-friendly and give your room a new look too.

6. Refresh throw pillows:

Throw Pillows on Sofa
Image Courtesy: Dwell

Throw pillows on the couch or the bed gives a very cozy feeling. Their color pops out in the room and makes it look very pleasant. If you have already got throw pillows, then you can buy new covers for them. You can find pretty cushion covers at an affordable price; you just have to look at the right place. You can also DIY quirky throw pillows of unique shapes and sizes using old fabrics. They make the ambiance of the home quite nice.

7. Reorganize bookshelf:

Book Shelf
Image Courtesy: Morning Chores

Instead of just stacking up books randomly on your bookshelf, you can try reorganizing them and making them  look neater. The first step is to get rid of the clutter on the shelves. Then you can rearrange books in a specific pattern, be it color-coded or genre-wise. You can also spruce it up by using decorative items, e.g., bookends, vases, etc. This will give your bookshelf a whole new look.

8. Decorate with fresh flowers:

Flowers in Living Room
Image Courtesy:
Shine Coco

Fresh flowers are the best way to make your house prettier and feel welcomed. It gives a natural feel with its fragrance and vibrant colors. You can use them in the vases at home, hanging pots on your verandah, or the coffee table. You change the flowers weekly or biweekly depending upon the type. It is a cheaper way to give the room color and beauty.

9. Decorative rugs:

Decorative Rugs in Living Room
Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest

You can get rugs at a cheaper price at the right places. Decorative rugs give a homey look to the whole room. You can put a rug on the floor or stack a layer of colorful rugs on the couch. With a couple of rugs on the bed, the whole look of the bedroom could surprise you. You can choose from various designs, patterns, and colors that would best suit your taste. Rugs with different kinds of fabrics are also available to be put to different use.

10. Use mirrors:

Mirrors on Wall
Image Courtesy: Michael Helwig Interiors

Using mirrors on the walls in the right places creates an illusion of a bigger and brighter room. You can put a long and sleek mirror at the entrance with thin fancy frames. You can put up smaller mirrors at the places in the room which you want to be highlighted. Mirrors come in different frames as well. You can go for classic style or new-age trendy styles as per your taste and room’s requirement.


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