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10 Unusually Cool Bookshelf Ideas to Spice up your Interior Décor

Staircase Bookcase
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Cover Image Courtesy: Home Designing

Have you stacked piles of books just as I do. . Nothing compares to the crisp parchment at your fingertips. Just add a bookshelf to your interior to give a personal and intimate vibe to your home. Even if you aren’t a literary enthusiast just go for it you’ll eventually fall for it.

  1. Modern sleek shelves
Modern Book Shelf
Image Courtesy: The Spruce

If you have a spacious place, then cover a whole wall from top to bottom for your treasures. It looks ravishing and is a peaceful place to relax your mind

  1. Glassy almirah
Glass Book Shelf
Image Courtesy: Urban Ladder

Want to accommodate your books conspicuously and preserve them from dust. Go for the glassy almirah, they will give a spotless and chic look in your room.

  1. Corner bookcases
Corner Wall Book Shelf
Image Courtesy: Decoist

Have a tiny cosy room, add a corner bookshelf to fit in all your favourites in style and you can even place antiques along with it, to make it look prettier.

  1. Open shelves
Open Wall Book Shelf
Image Courtesy: 123 Home Paints

One of our picks is for you to have an open bookshelf, if don’t have an abundance of books then this is for you, this can play a lot of roles you can place frames, souvenirs and classic washes. Open shelves are trendy yet classy in today’s time.

  1. Bedside shelves

If you procrastinate this is for you, a very easy way to retrieve books without wanting to move inches, have a small bedside shelf, it closes the gap in the room and gives you a sooth10 Unusual cool bookshelf ideas to spice up your interior décor

  1. Floating shelves
Floating Book Shelves
Image Courtesy: Nestasia

Blend the cool trend with a bookshelf, and use the floating shelves as a wall-mounted shelf to put on your most favoured books on the display along with other décor picks. A viable piece for making the most of limited space in compact rooms.

  1. Wooden 6 tired stacking shelf
Tiered Book Shelf
Image Courtesy: DShop Australia

Place a compact six-tired wooden shelf in an empty corner of your home to maximise your space and load all your classics and romantic novels of different genres in sequence.

  1. A ladder shelf
Ladder Book Shelf
Image Courtesy: West Elm

A very boho-rustic idea is to place all your prize-possessed novels on the ladder-shaped shelf with the gist of planters and cute little show-pieces to make them look more appealing.

  1. Minimal yet mighty
Minimalism in Book Shelf
Image Courtesy: Architecture Art Designs

Just drive some screws, and get yourself pretty cute DIY shelves with minimal requirements and a contemporary vibe. A quintessential solution to save space and set your books neatly.

  1. Mirrored cabinet
Mirrored Cabinet
Image Courtesy: Architecture Art Designs

Get your hands on this, a 360-degree rotating cabinet, with a full-length mirror on one side and shelves on the other to rack all your literature, with one whirl you can turn it to whichever side intrigues you at a point.


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