10 Must have tools for gardening

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Cover Image: Moore Home Improvement

Are you a nature fanatic too and own a greenhouse or even obsessed with a tiny little garden? If you admire gardening as much as I do, then here are some must-have tools for it.

  1. Shovel
Image Courtesy: Desert Cart

A basic tool for scooping and lifting soil, moving the granular particles (dirt and grains) and digging holes and then loading it in a wheelbarrow.

  1. Wheelbarrow

Wheel Barrow

As mentioned above, the wheelbarrow comes in handy and is used as a cart to load and unload dirt, pebbles, compost and just anything else in your garden. A decent quality wheelbarrow will save your time and n number of displacement to and from compost.

  1. Watering Hose

Watering Hose

The very primary aspect of gardening is to water your plants for which you will require an easy and permanent solution which is to get a watering hose. It will help you cover all the areas and suffice for all flowers and vegetables. If you do not have much of a big garden then you can go for the water can depend on your necessity

  1. Gardening Fork

Gardening Fork

A terrific tool for a gardener’s armoury, it functions to aerate lawns, split perennials, create holes for seeds and even blend manure or sort the hay.

  1. Rake

A tool to declutter stones, clog the ground and even rake unwanted leaves. For raking the leaves you’ll need a fan rake and soil rake for levelling the ground before planting.

  1. Hand pruner/ Secateurs
Hand Pruners
Image Courtesy: Snake Root

A strong substitute for scissors, to prune and shape branches of shrubs, trees and flowers. Put money into a quality pruner, this will stay sharp and durable enough to help you cut thick and hard branches easily.

  1. Hoe
Image Courtesy: Morning Chores

This isn’t that hoe, not funny. Anyway, if you wish to remove unwanted roots, edge the lawn, loosen the soil, excavate trenches and weeding then this the guy for you

  1. Hand trowel
Hand Trowel
Image Courtesy: 123RF

Very basic equipment to dig, plant, transplant and weeding. Go for the one with a strong link between the blade and handle to make it function effortlessly.

  1. Scissors


A very flexible instrument which can be used for harvesting vegetables, pruning, cutting dead strings and opening seed packets and is light-weighted and can be fitted easily anywhere.

  1. Gloves


Protect your bare hand from thorny pricks, edgy granules and filth. Get pruning purposes use landscape gloves and rubber ones for wet soil. Always keep them in handy before diving into gardening.

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