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Fishkeeping Guide: Things to Know

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Cover Photo: Silicon Valley Fishkeeping

It’s quite fishy if you aren’t fascinated by the fishes and their swift moves making them look glistening and extremely beautiful, it isn’t much difficult as it sounds to keep an aquarium. Here are several tips that will make it easy for you to be a responsible fish owner.

1. Putting too many fishes

If you are a newcomer or not, avoid overstocking too many fishes, this will only add to the chaos and make the water parameters unstable and the nitrogen cycle stalled.

2. Get a large aquarium

This might seem unobvious and a lot but this will make it much easier, a bigger tank will accommodate more water keeping the conditions balanced.

Fish Tank Aquarium
Photo Credit: Vgajic via Getty Images

3. Cleansing

Once a month clean the tanks, windows and gravel, replace the filter cartridge and collect the garbage. Sanity is essential to keep your fish healthy.

4. Add greens

Adding greens and decorations will add light to your room and fun life for fish to wander and play. Real plants will also keep the tank’s cycle balanced.

Fish Tank Plants
Photo Credit: Modest Fish

5. Adequate Location

Have an ideal place where fishes can sustain themselves, and keep away from air vents, heat and direct sunlight.

6. Continual maintenance

Water should be tested regularly and replaced by 25% weekly, keep an eye on water parameters- ph levels, nitrates, ammonia etc.

7. Feeding responsibly

Don’t bombard the aquarium with food, feed only once or twice in small amounts, overfeeding can deteriorate the nitrogen cycle.

8. Research

In today’s world internet is reckless, so do research head to toe from required fishes, and food to the aquarium. These will upkeep you while procuring.

9. Melding different species

This will only mess up, novices can make the mistake, they have different water needs and compatibilities to start with, which will jeopardise everything.

10. Suffice air pump and filters

A fair filter will purify the contamination and debris while an efficient pump will oxygenate and move water in tank making it beneficiary and make the fish’s life better.

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