10 Must-Try Indian Dishes

Vada Paav Indian Food
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India is equivalent to a foodie’s paradise. Each and every corner of the country has a different flavor to offer. The taste of local delicacies from all parts of the country will leave you mesmerized and lost in the pool of different kinds of spices. Indian cuisine is rich in variety, taste, and exceptional experience.

To give you a smidge of this finger-licking taste experience, in this article I have listed 10 must-try Indian cuisines.

  1. Masala Dosa


Masala Dosa is a renowned South Indian dish famous all over the world. It is a thin bread cooked using a batter made up of rice and black lentils. This is traditionally served folded in half with the stuffing of mashed potatoes and spices. Along with dosa, you get sambar (a type of curry) and different kinds of chutneys to dip the dosa in. This is a delicious treat often consumed for breakfast or any other light meal.

  1. Dhokla

Dhokla Gujrati Food, India

Dhokla is Northwest India’s regional dish. This savory snack is a delicacy all over the country. Its ingredients are chickpea and rice. These ingredients are soaked overnight in equal parts and then baking soda and other spices are added the next day to the batter. It is cooked to rise and cut into bite-size pieces. Traditionally served with a side of coriander chutney. This delicious dish is normally consumed as breakfast or snacks.

  1. Samosa

Samosa Indian Snacks

Samosa is a very popular snack dish in India. It is basically a fried pastry with a savory and spicy filling. The filling traditionally consists of mashed potatoes, peanuts, spices, onion, peas, and lentils. People sometimes experiment with the filling by adding a different kind of veggies or ground meat. This is normally triangular in shape served with a side of mint or tamarind sauce. They are the country’s street food served as snacks or appetizers.

  1. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji, Mahastrian Food, India

Pav Bhaji is a very popular street food that started in Maharashtra (Western India) and is now enjoyed all over the country. Pav is basically bread toasted with butter. Bhaji is a type of curry prepared with the ingredients of potatoes, onion, carrots, peas, and a variety of spices to add taste to it. This veggie mixture is served with a dollop of butter on the side of the butter toasted bread. This irresistibly delicious meal is well-liked by Indians.

  1. Dal Makhani
Dal Makhani
Image Credit: Indian Ambrosia

Dal in Hindi means lentils. It is a regularly made food item in almost all households in the country. To make the dal special and add extra taste to it, dal makhani came into being. It is basically lentils cooked with the addition of various kinds of spices and then topped with coriander leaves. Also, butter (the meaning of Makhan) is added to this dish. This is a very special delicious dish with a rich and creamy taste mostly prepared for special occasions.

  1. Malai Kofta
Malai Kofta
Image Credit: Hebbars Kitchen

Malai Kofta is a kind of curry served with some kind of rice or bread. This flavorful dish is prepared by making veggie meatballs and dipping them generously in a rich creamy sauce. The meatballs are made using mashed vegetables, potatoes, and sometimes paneer. The sauce is mildly flavored; rather than spicy, it’s creamy. The key ingredients of the sauce are tomatoes and onions. This tasty dish is served with a topping of cream.

  1. Matar Paneer
Matar Paneer
Image Credit: Swathis Recipes

Matar paneer is the most-liked and frequently ordered vegetarian dish in a restaurant in India. It is a North Indian dish made up of peas and paneer in the sauce of tomatoes and onions. This curry typically is not spicy but packs a lot of flavor due to the type of spices added to it. Sometimes it is served topped with cream. You can enjoy this tasty dish by dipping bread in it or adding this to rice.

  1. Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken
Image Credit: Simply Recipes

Butter Chicken is originally from Delhi and is well-liked all over the country. The gravy in this dish is made up of tomatoes, spices, cream, and butter. Chicken is marinated overnight in a paste of ginger and garlic as well as chili powder and yogurt. The chicken is then cooked in the gravy and served topped with a dollop of butter with a side of rice or bread as per choice. This buttery tangy flavor-packed dish will leave you licking your fingers.

  1. Kebab
Image Credit: Tea of Turmeric

Kebab is a skewer dish, that is, it is meat grilled on a stick. Traditionally they are made up of minced lamb meat. They also come in the form of chicken meat or even vegetarian version with different kinds of veggies. This grilled meat is then seasoned with garlic, black pepper, or other different kinds of spices. This roasted or grilled dish gives a flavor burst in your mouth with various spices and the side of chutneys that it is served with.

  1. Biryani
Image Credit: The Hans India

Biryani is an all-time favorite among all in the country. There are hundred different kinds of biryani with delicious tasteful flavors in it. The basic procedure is to cook the rice and meat together in a pot (maybe an earthen pot) over firewood or charcoal and add different kinds of spices. Biryani is famous for the kind of spices added to it and the aroma that fills the air around it. It is a time taking dish but worth the mouthwatering flavor bombs it offers.

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