Top 20 Fitness Myths Busted

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Myths and misconceptions put on a break on our fitness regime and activities. Take look at top fitness myths that are busted

1. Walking on a treadmill is effective, as much as walking outdoors

Man on Treadmill

This is not the case. Outdoor your body faces a lot of resistance which requires more energy and activates your muscles. Walking outside of machines burns 10 per cent more calories.

2. Influence particular body part

There can be a reduction of fat with proper diet and exercise but you cannot influence a specific part, that can only be done via surgery.

3. The lesser you eat, the more you lose weight

Woman Eating Salad with a Fork

A very common misconception is that when we drastically reduce our calorie intake, our body’s metabolism racks down. If you eat less and cut your calories, your metabolism will slow down, eventually slowing down a few pounds.

4. Gluten-free lifestyle

Gluten-free Diet
Image Courtesy: Healthy Master

Adopting gluten-free does not always result in weight loss, but you still can if cut detrimental fats and carbs. Instead of just substituting your ordinary meal with processed stuff.

5. Heavyweights will make you bulky

Weight Lifting
Image Courtesy: Fittr

Women lifting heavyweights wouldn’t bulk up as they do not hold much testosterone level to make your body big. Lifting will only improve muscle recruitment and core stability.

6. Swimming doesn’t burn weight

Woman in a Swimming Pool
Image Courtesy: FirstCry Parenting

If you are a newcomer and get exhausts every 5 minutes it won’t help you lose weight. but an average person will burn around 450-700 calories if he swims for at least an hour.

7. Merely sweat leads to weight loss

Woman Sweating
Image Courtesy: Encylopedia Brittanica

Sweat doesn’t contain any fat, it’s a way for the body to cool itself down. SO, if you exercise in a hot room wouldn’t help you lose extra fat and only make you put up more effort. Try taking a stroll or performing lightweight training without having a sweat.

8. Do not eat after 7 pm

Woman Eating Biscuits Taken Out from Fridge
Image Courtesy: New York Post

It isn’t appropriate to eat a large dinner at night or at any time. It doesn’t mean
our body stops burning calories after 7

9. Crunches burn belly fat

Man Doing Crunches
Image Courtesy: MARCA

Crunches don’t burn belly fat they just tone your abs, for that you need to burn the excess fat through a calorie deficit diet and exercise. This will get you a flat stomach.

10. Stretching before exercise avert injuries

Woman Scretching
Image Courtesy: Human Kinetics

Stretching has the potential to inflict harm, static stretching leads to the weakening of muscles and even reduces your muscular endurance.

11. More protein doesn’t imply more muscle

Protein Rich Food
Image Courtesy: EatingWell

Each meal can have around 30gm of protein and exceeding that will burden your kidneys and can even lead to increased weight. So, the pupil should have a balanced diet.

12. If you stop working out, your muscle will transform into fat

Flat Belly
Image Courtesy: Piedmont Healthcare

This is very untrue, when you stop working out, your muscle size will eventually decline, but it won’t convert into fat. Muscles and fat are entirely different subjects.

13. The more you train, the finer the outcome

A longing misconception, you can concentrate on short yet intense workouts for better results, rest and rehabilitation is just as crucial as working out.

14. Low-fat food will reduce weight

Low Fat Diet
Image Courtesy: Diabetes UK

Low-fat foodstuff can have more calories than the full-fat version of the item, due to the presence of additives.

In many cases, eating a smaller but palatable and hence more gratifying serving of a full-fat version is preferable.

15. No pain, No gain

No Pain No Gain
Image Courtesy: Amazon

When you begin a work out you’ll start to feel soreness, but exercising to the point of pain can cause trouble. When you manoeuvre incorrectly, you employ the wrong muscles. So, soreness is never an indicator of progress so stop if the pain persists.

16. Being fit and the seeming fit is entirely different

Looking Fit Vs Being Fit
Image Courtesy: NPL

There’s a big difference between the two, skinny isn’t fit, if you aren’t active enough you’ll lack endurance and stamina which is an indication of a poor immune system. So, you should have sufficed diet and work out at least for a little while.

17. Dead-lifts and squats are perilous

Woman Doing Squat
Image Courtesy: Vogue

The squats and dead-lifts are quite authentic and functional, assisting the entire body. You do require proper technique regarding the same, but that is something necessary for every other exercise.

18. Cardio is preferred empty belly for fat loss

Women Doing Cardio
Image Courtesy: Best Health Magazine

This is somehow partially true, you may lose fat during an empty stomach but your body’s workout intensity will diminish. But this isn’t a compulsion to work out an empty stomach, you can still lose an empty stomach.

19. Machines are safe rather than lifting weights free-handed

Woman Exercising
Image Courtesy: Sundried Activewear

Free weights are just as secure as the machines, you just need to learn the proper techniques for them.

20. Carbs multiplies the fat

Complex Carbs Vs. Simple Carbs
Image Courtesy: Mass News

Carbs have a reputation they don’t deserve, they are a pivotal part of a balanced diet. You should go for wholesome carbs and not unhealthy ones like sugar. Go for complex carbs like veggies and grains which will help you function properly.


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