How to revamp a basic outfit

Woman Wardrobe
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Cover Photo: Burgess Milner

A gratifying closet is a solid weapon to inflate your aplomb. When you look prime, you feel powerful.

Actualise what suits you but never back off from striving for new.

Crack your basic fits with the fresh crux and voila you’ll be ready to glide perfectly.

  • Accessorise
Woman Watch - Accessory
Photo Credit: Laura Chouette @ Unsplash

Make your basics look much more dazzling by adding a chunk of accessories, from pendants, earrings or rings to it, or just a formal watch, glasses and bracelet, it will certainly make your outfit lively.

  • Blaze it up
Woman Blazer
Photo Credit: Daria Pimkina

Put money into a quality blazer, a formal essential that will escalate your fashion, you can slip it for coffee runs or job interviews and adding a bralette underneath will turn it into a party essence, a wholesome package.

  • Colourblock
Colourblock Women Outfit
Photo Credit: Edward berthelot/getty images

Generate an interesting statement, and combine bright and contrasting hues in a single piece. Juggling your solid pieces and ensembling them into one will give you astonishing results without buying new sets of clothes.

  • Shirt up
Women Outfits
Photo Credit: Junko Nakase

A popular and ongoing trend is to layer your outfit with shirts and steal it from your father’s or brother’s wardrobe and this will attain you a ravishing look, you can further add a cap and sneakers to overpower the whole attire.

  • Invest in essentials

Instead of buying plenty of clothes, invest in high quality and essential clothing, which can be put together in abundant garbs, giving you a good deal of fit-outs.

  • Don’t make your feet feel left-out
Bold Heels
Photo Credit: Marie Clarie

Your whole look would be inadequate without proper footwear, invest in infallible pair that can be coordinated easily but do add some bold colours too to make your shoe closet much more dynamic.

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