100 DIY hacks to make your life much easier

DIY Life Hacks
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1. Use the pegs at your home and hang your jewellery on them to avoid it from tangling.

Pegs for Jewellery
Image Courtesy: 21 Degree

2. Use a straw to remove the stem from strawberry conveniently.

3. Use a coconut opener to smoothly open the coconut without wasting time.

4. Fix a paper clip or bobby pin at the end of the tape and save your time finding the ends.

5. Use acetone to avoid unwanted stains and filth from shoes {for white shoes only}

6. Carry sunscreen and body lotions in a contact lens case to save space and avoid littering.

7. Use a napkin and wrap it around a drink before putting it in the refrigerator it will cool quickly.

8. Wrap your gifts diagonally to fit them properly in gifting paper.

9. Tie a ribbon on your suitcase while travelling it will help you recognize it easily.

10. While travelling roll your clothes rather than fold them it will make a whole lot of space in your bag.

11. Paint the plastic bottles, grow a money plant in them, and add a slice of green to your home.

Money Plants in Painted Bottles
Image Courtesy: The Spruce Crafts

12. Get rid of the wax generated by candles by putting ice cubes over it and eventually the wax will soften and can be peeled off easily.

13. Put a hair clip to organise long wires and save time from detangling.

14. Use a fork to hold any cream layered biscuit to protect your fingers from getting wet while dunking them.

15. Keep a laundry bag in your car to stuff trash while you are going for long rides.

16. If you are forgetful, put reminders and alarms for everything to get done on time.

17. You can keep a scented soap along with filthy laundry while travelling to prevent a foul smell.

18. Use sticky notes and label the household containers to find the items handily.

19. Paper clips are a lifesaver, you can use them to organise your data cables.

20. Use a sheet of paper towel and wrap it around a chunk of hair, it will get rid of your frizzy hair.

21. Attach a paper bowl from the ice cream’s end to prevent it from dripping on your clothes and floor.

Cone Paper Cup

22. You can use peanut butter to remove a chewing gum stuck in your hair.

23. Use old transparent sippers to hold makeup brushes or even stationery items.

24. Use the sanitary napkin package to throw away a used pad.

25. Pour batter on the pan using an old press-on bottle

26. Put baking soda on a toothbrush to clean the unreachable corners and cabinet doors.

27. Put the makeup blenders in water along with detergent and rinse it after 15 minutes, it will clean all the dirt.

28. Got burned? Put yellow mustard over the burned area and then rinse it with cold water.

29. Control your cholesterol level by eating a plethora of unsalted sunflower seeds.

30. Use toothpaste to get rid of scratches on furniture.

31. Heat the kitchen sponge in the microwave for 60 seconds to eliminate bacteria.

Sponge in Micro Wave
Image Courtesy: 21 OAK

32. If you are as klutzy as me and spill unwanted things on table covers and bedsheets instantly spread salt over it.

33. Clean the kitchen slabs and stainless-steel appliances with diluted vinegar.

34. Have a single socket near you? Use an extension board to solve the problem.

35. Forgot knife? Use glasses to cut the cake and directly serve it.

36. Clean the foggy headlights with toothpaste.

37. Use zipper bags to protect your remote from spills

38. Use your sunglasses case to put small stuff like cables and earphones safely.

39. Apply toothpaste on your lips, it removes dead skin and makes it pink

40. Put a section of the paper at the bottom of the trash bin to imbibe the wet waste.

41. Want icy but non-diluted coke? Pour the coke into ice stray and use the ice cubes to get a chilled beverage.

Coke Ice Cubes
Image Courtesy: Martha’s Stewart YouTube Channel

42. Use ketchup to clean copper pans and pots and brings them to shine.

43. Apples are more powerful than caffeine and help individual stay awake and event prevents the mouth from stinking.

44. Feed one end of the pendant in the straw, it will keep it from getting tangled.

45. Plug in your charger if your phone has got frozen.

46. Try a foam brush to remove dust from AC vents.

47. If you ever get cut while shaving put a chapstick to stop the bleeding.

48. Apply olive oil on the knives before cutting onions to prevent your eyes from tearing.

49. Put your candles in the freezer they will sustain longer.

50. To soothe the burned pain apply toothpaste to it.

51. Squeeze a lemon into the shampoo to get rid of frizzy hair.

Lemon in Shampoo
Image Courtesy: Medical News Today

52. Burnt your tongue? Swallow sugar it will cure the burn.

53. To cure a headache, press half a lime on your forehead.

54. Dropped paint on your carpet? Pour denatured alcohol and scrub it for the paint to vanish.

55. Turn the sandwich-sized zip lock bags into the tiny snack-size bag, heat a butter knife and then cut the bag into two pieces.

56. You can turn your white clothes white by soaking them in hot water with a piece of lemon.

57. Add hair conditioner in hot water when your clothes get shrink.

58. Got greasy stains, rub it with chalk it will unfasten all the stains.

59. Soak a cotton pad in vinegar and apply to where you got a bruise it will make it disappear.

60. To get softer skin, use rose water and coconut oil and sit for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.

Rose Water Coconut Oil
Image Courtesy: Be Beautiful

61. Got unwanted scars? Dab honey and keep it for a few hours to diminish them.

62. Got an itch from a mosquito? Spray deodorant to end it.

63. Apply soaked green tea bag on lips to get rid of chapped lips for 4-5 minutes.

64. Got a splinter stuck? Put on an amalgamation of water and baking soda and a splinter will pop out.

65. Keep dryer sheets in shoes and pockets to protect yourself from mosquitos.

66. Got a young child who spoiled all the white walls with crayons. Simply use a hairdryer to get rid of the troublesome surface then wipe it off with a cloth.

67. You can get fluffy rice by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice to boiling water just before the rice.

68. Your sneaker has grown to look old? Take a non-gel toothpaste and brush it off on the dirty spots, leave it for around 15 minutes and then wipe it off via towel.

69. Attach a spring to your fragile data cable or phone charger to protect it from deteriorating.

70. Unclog the drains via coffee mixed with hot water and soap.

71. Got splotchy mirrors? Apply cold water and white vinegar to the spots and clean them off with a cloth.

72. Add a few lines of caulk underneath your rug to protect it from slipping.

Image Courtesy: The Spruce

73. Sprinklers for gardening can be costly so you can use an empty bottle and turn it into a sprinkler simply just make a few holes in the bottle and then attach it to the hose.

74. Clean your furniture with lemon essential oils and make it look brand new.

75. Spoiled your carpet with wax, just put it on a paper bag and keep a steam iron over it which will make the wax cling to the paper.

76. Want to make your microwave smell good, put a bowl inside the microwave with vinegar for 4-5 minutes.

77. Grab a mouth wash instead of expensive products and clean the toilet bowl with it, let it sit for 30 minutes and when you scrub it off, you will find a clean toilet.

78. Can’t get rid of the sticky extras from your pan gently fill boiling water and add an Alka-Seltzer tablet to it, let it sit for 15 minutes and then wipe it off.

79. Get silverware trays to store and organise makeup as well as toiletry stuff, it will help you find your essentials effortlessly.

80. Slide the hair bands in an empty toilet paper roll rather than strewn about drawers.

81. Use duct tape to clean pet hair from your sofas.

Duct Tape for Sofa Cleaning
Image Courtesy: Instructables

82. Cover the couch with aluminum foil to protect it from the pet’s claws.

83. Got sensitive locks or staying in a hotel, don’t lock yourself out. Just take a rubber band that will help your door remain open, just loop it around the knob so it is pressed on doors.

84. Got a hole in the screen door? Simply apply the transparent nail paint to it.

85. Plastic bags start to pile up after a point, so just store them in a disinfecting container and pull them out whenever needed.

86. The vacuum-like seal causes the bag to stick so just drill a hole that won’t let it stick.

87. An easy way to clean a jar blender is by adding a little soap with lukewarm water just after the use so it can be cleaned easily.

88. You can use food jars to store the leftover paint to clear the space.

89. Don’t have a laptop table no issue just make a pile of books and keep your laptop on it, to avoid neck pain.

90. Want a spa at home, Use your bucket and turn it into a foot spa with soap and water to relax your feet after an exhausting day.

Foot Spa
Image Courtesy: The New York Times

91. Got clogging in the nose and ears, meld 2 tablespoon Vicks vapour with 1 litre boiling water, stir it properly and then let it freeze overnight, this will help you in declogging.

92. Get rid of the unwanted labels from the jar using cooking oil it will peel off the label easily.

93. To get the blinds squeaky clean, wrap a dishcloth over both sides of a pair of tongs and attach it with a
rubber band and you’ve got yourself a homemade duster.

94. Have ceramic cooktops? Get yourself a magic eraser, this sponge will help you out. This will remove caked-on mistakes without exploiting the area.

95. Store your medicines, in a pill sorter and put labels on them, this will take no time to sort your medicines out.

96. The cord doesn’t reach the floor? Loop on the charger that makes it a seating arrangement for the cell to set in.

97. If your earbuds get mixed up just use silicone tips that are differently coloured.

Silicon Tips for Ear Buds
Image Courtesy: Joom

98. Don’t have space for frozen veggies? Use binder clips to hold them and free up your space in the refrigerator.

99. Make a seed starter pot using an empty toilet paper roll.

100 . Use PVC pipe to hide cords and keep your walls and room organised.

Bonus: With newspaper and charcoal clean your fridge and get rid of all the stink.

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