10 Extremely Creative DIY Crafts for Adults

DIY Crafts
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Image Courtesy (Cover Image): DIY Projects

Arts and crafts are not just for kids. It is just as intriguing to adults as well. This could be an outlet for adults to get their juices flowing. DIY is an amazing way to get creative and productive at the same time. It transfers your so-called trash into items that aren’t only beautiful but also useful. You don’t need an arts degree to design the materials according to your choice and use them to serve your purpose. All you need are some craft supplies, old materials, and an idea to convert the junk into a constructive item.

Here, in this article, I have collated some of the DIY hacks for adults that use readily available materials.

  1. Wine bottle vase:
Wine Bottle Vase
Image Courtesy: Live Enhanced

Fan of wine? Isn’t it a hassle to dispose of the empty bottles? If you have a creative mindset, you can turn these glass bottles into pretty vases. All you need is a different kind of color paints, glitter, or any other simply found art supplies. You can paint the bottle any pretty color you want and showcase this beautiful vase with flowers in them on your table.

  1. CD coasters:
CD Coasters DIY
Image Courtesy: Crafts by Amanda

CDs are so outdated. You can’t find any use for them nowadays. If you have an old CD collection that’s just sitting in your storeroom, this idea is perfect for you. You can recycle this obsolete product into a fancy set of coasters and make some use of it. You need patterned fabric and glue. Once you are done with your project, you can showcase these chic coasters on kitchen counters and coffee tables.

  1. Chandelier:
Chandelier DIY
Image Courtesy: CBC

Let your creative juices flow and pour your talent into a big flashy piece. You can make a chic chandelier out of your old clothes and all you need is a few supplies to get it done. You can use thick yarns or use old clothes to make fringes to be used for the chandelier. You need to buy a lampshade of the size you wish. Using scissors, you trim the fringes and use hot glue to stick them in the ring. And voila, you have a very tasteful chandelier for you to be proud of.

  1. Rag rug:
Rag Rugs DIY
Image Courtesy: My Poppet

Want to clear up wardrobe space? Have a pile of old t-shirts you can dispose of? Then this idea would do that for you in addition to you having a colorful bohemian rug. You cut up your t-shirts of different colors into an inch-thick thread, roll them up in the form of yarn, and bind it around a hula hoop or cut-out cardboard. At the end of it all, you’ll have a lovely rug made out of a rag.

  1. Throw pillow:

Throw Pillows DIY

Who doesn’t like to throw pillows on their couch or bed? Its colors pop out in the room and make it look appealing. You can have fun with the colors, size, and shape of the cushions. You can make cute animal or cookie-shaped pillows to flaunt your creativity. You need to cut the fabric in the shape you want, stuff it with poly or cotton, and sew it up to a pretty and vibrant throw pillow to cozy up.

  1. Rope basket:
Rope Basket DIY
Image Courtesy: Goods Home Design

DIY rope baskets make an amazing container to store anything you want in them. It can help you tidy up the place and optimize the space in your room. You will need a piping cord, metal/plastic vessel, and hot glue. Now all you have to do is coil the rope tightly around the container and stick them using the glue. You can add a fabric handle to it and store the perfect glamourous basket in the corner of a room.

  1. Wall hanging:
Wall Hanging DIY
Image Courtesy: HGTV

Want to give your room a new look? Want to make a statement piece for your wall? Then this idea might interest you. You will need yarns in different textures and colors. You can fold, knot, twist, and braid the yarns as per your liking. Now lock one end of the yarn together and the other end can be left at unequal length. Now your imperfectly perfect piece of the wall hanging is ready. This decorative piece will give a bold look to your room and boost its visual appeal.

  1. Windchime:
Wind Chime DIY
Image Courtesy: Home Bnc

Who doesn’t love the sweet sound of wind chimes ringing in your courtyard? You can make your wind chime and put it on your window or porch. You will need a mason jar, floral wires, glass beads, and pliers. You will have to thread glass beads into the wire, one wire at a time, and loop the wire at the end to secure it. Now secure the other end of the wire to the rim of the mason jar. Now you’ve got yourself a fancy and radiant wind chime.

  1. Candleholder:
Candle Holder DIY
Image Courtesy: Homesthetics

Candles give a romantic aesthetic to the room. Using a vibrant candle holder would only add to the beauty of the room. You need a glass container, glass stainer, and ruler. Draw the pattern on the container you want on your candle holder using a ruler. Keep the glass container on a flat surface and paint it using the glass stainer as per the pattern drawn. Let it dry and you get a breath-taking art piece at the end.

  1. Lampshade:
Lamp Shade DIY
Image Courtesy: Homedit

Just by simply using a grocery bag, you can make an overhead lamp shade. You can fold the paper bag into origami. Get one of the pendant cords available on market and hook a bulb of not very high power to it (make sure the bulb doesn’t generate much heat). Now add the origami lampshade to the pendant cord and hang it on a support. Now, your lovely lampshade is ready. You can add colorful lights to brighten up the place with colors.

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