10 Fascinating Things About Indian Culture

Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe
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A majestic country which welcomes you with an open heart and can be traced back to Indus Valley Civilisation (2500 BC)

India is rich in diverse languages, unbeatable spices, grandeur history, celebrated religions and mouth-watering delicacies and blockbuster Bollywood.

And unforgettable pride Indian 2022’s Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu.

India has the largest spice market Khari Baoli in Delhi, a massive network of railways comprising 115,000 km and the city “Of Varanasi” is believed to be the oldest living city in the world.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel
Image Credit: Snappy Edu

From one of the oldest universities Nalanda to the world’s highest statue Vallabh Bhai Patel. Be it the picturesque location Taj Mahal or the glorious past

North’s Kashmir valley to East’s Assam’s tea gardens, South’s islands to West’s dunes.

India has no national language

India has got 23 languages in addition to English which is recognised in our constitution, except that more than 600 languages are spoken in India, making it distinct yet united.

Indian Attires 

Indian Woman in Saree

You can’t miss the ravishing Indian attires, Saree being 5000 years old, which are of more than 30 types. From Kanjeevaram saree to Ghagra choli, from dhoti to pagdi, every state has its attire, making it different from others.


Indian Cuisines Map
Image Credit: LBB

If you love food, India is a dreamy delight for you, a heart for masalas(spices). You’ll fall for the delicacies from Choki Dhani’s Thali in the West to eating on a banana leaf in the South, from puri to croissant and dhokla to dosa. India even has more than 140 deserts.


Holi Festival
Image Credit: Masala

The whole year is filled with festivals, India’s culture can be vividly expressed through its festivals, reflecting the greatness of culture. Holi, Diwali, Eid and whatnot.

Hub for IT

India is a hub for Information Technology and is expanding in no time, Bangalore is the IT capital and is known as the Silicon Valley of India With many top Indian software companies.


Some significant inventions being, the invention of “Zero”- a contribution to mathematics, Ayurvedas, and Chess– originated as Ashtapada and even the invention of buttons can be traced long back.

Dance- An Emblem

Each state has its traditional dance to represent its heritage and culture, out of which 9 are recognised by the ministry of culture.

World’s Largest Constitution

Indian constitution contains 395 articles and 12 schedules which took 2years, 11 months and 18 days for its completion.



A derivation from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning ‘to unite’. India, a land of Yoga, a precious gift which India gave to the world in the forte of a healthy lifestyle, originated 5000 years ago. A mind-boggling technique for today’s world to realise its full potential and live in solace

Big Fat Weddings 

Indian Wedding
Image Credit: ED Times

 One thing Indians love is to celebrate and have extravagant weddings consisting of Mehendi, Sagai, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception.

A grand overwhelming entry of the bride, pre-wedding shoots and elaborated gifts are what sums up a lavish wedding.

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