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20 Cooking tips and tricks for beginners

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Brush your cooking skills while getting a good look at some introductory tips and tricks which will abundantly help you succeed while cooking.

  1. Rinse pasta with cold water after boiling it, to make it non-sticky.


  1. Put on too much salt in your veggies, just add a chunk of dough to it, this will absorb the extra salt.
  2. Turn off the stove before the eggs are completely prepared, the rest of the heat will complete the rest of the eggs, be it scrambled, fried or poached.
  3. Want to store, pre-cut vegetables and still preserve them from getting brown and stale, keep the pre-cut veggies in cold water, a much considerable technique to keep them fresh.

  1. While using a cutting board, add a wet towel underneath it, to stabilize it.
  2. Cut the end side of the lemon, so when you squeeze it, all of the juice comes out easily.
  3. While greasing the pan for cake, instead of flour substitute a layer of sugar, this will add sweetness and will act as a great dusting option.
  4. Smack the egg on a flat surface, it pushes minute particles of shell into the egg.
  5. Prep all the ingredients ahead of time, cooking is all about setting up this will prevent the hectic method and make it simple and will save much of your time.
  6. Season the pasta water with salt, before putting the pasta in it, this will improve the flavour as well as aid the taste development of its sauce.

Sprinkling Salt

  1. Before boiling the rice, give it a couple of washes to get rid of surfaced starch or even any debris.
  2. Label all your essential oils and spices and prevent them from mixing them up, this will save plenty of your time.

Spices Labelled

  1. A quick fix for your bland food is to pour lemon juice or vinegar into it, this will stimulate an amazing taste.


  1. Use proper measuring tools be it, a teaspoon, tablespoon or the required quantity, this will help you get the utmost of the recipe.
  2. Whenever you have guests over, never risk experimenting with new dishes, this could lead to a disaster and will consume plenty of your time.
  3. The texture of a dish will suffer if you overcrowd a pan, this will rather make the food steamy, so take a big pan or rather cook in batches to prevent overcrowding.
  4. Sharpen your knives frequently, they are much safer and will even cause fewer tears while you cut an onion.


  1. Always turn the handle of your pan to the side, this is so important, this will prevent your pan from flipping and can save you from a severe burn.
  2. Always keep a good look at the manufacturing and expiration dates, and get rid of the old spices
  3. Lastly, always go for fresh and organic vegetables, this will keep you healthy and provide a fresh taste.
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